Have you tried something new recently?

Thank you to P&G’s Have You Tried This Yet? program and Kroger for sponsoring my writing about trying new things and breaking out of my everyday routine. Click here to find great savings on high-performing P&G products at a Kroger store near you. I was selected for this sponsorship by the Clever Girls Collective, which endorses Blog With Integrity, as I do.


Have you tried something new recently? I have. As you may remember, last month I attended the P&G “Have You Tried This Yet” media event right here in South Beach! I had a great time, and it was fun learning about the new P&G products. I was thrilled to be accepted to participate in the CleverGirls Collective “Try Something New” campaign with P&G and Kroger as a follow up to this event, because I did indeed try a new product, and I am now a COVERGIRL convert!! Allow me to explain…

I am what you may call an eye-makeup junkie, and I love makeup and the look of a “finished” eye. I have two gigantic pallets of  name-brand eyeshadow purchased at a large and well known makeup store, as well as various other brands of eyeshadow stuffed into my bathroom drawer. Seriously, way more than I can ever use. And let’s not even talk about eyeliners, brushes, eye primers, etc. I have a lot of makeup.

But mascara? I’ve always had issues finding the right one for me. Usually they are too heavy, or too clumpy, or make my eyes itch, or I end up getting an infection because I can’t get it to wash off properly, even with makeup remover! Not to mention they have all been so expensive since I tend to buy the big name brands at the department store. What a waste that was!

The result is that I haven’t worn mascara in years! What’s a makeup lover to do?!

When I attended the P&G event here in South Beach, I was curious about their Lash Blast Fusion mascara. I haven’t worn any COVERGIRL makeup probably since I was in high school, so I was more than willing to try something new. After all, it couldn’t hurt. Plus, one of my favorite makeup artists was working the event that night, and I trusted her to make me look fabulous!

covergirl lash blast fusion

I knew I had a winner with COVERGIRL’s Lash Blast Fusion even before I looked in the mirror. After the makeup artist finished applying the mascara, it felt so incredibly light on my eyelashes that I had to ask her if she’d actually completed the application. After checking myself out, I couldn’t believe the difference. My lashes looked even longer (something I didn’t realize could be possible – I have long lashes already) and OMG – they were not clumpy or heavy looking!!!! I was in love!

I’m recommending COVERGIRL’s Lash Blast Fusion to everyone I know, now — and I’m so thankful that I didn’t give up on mascara and decided to try something new! P&G and COVERGIRL — you rock!

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  1. that’s great. i’ve also had issues finding a mascara that i like. i’ve been using mac’s plushlash but i’ve noticed my eyes starting to get itchy when i wear it, and i’ve been shying away from using it. i tried the regular lash blast & really wasn’t too impressed w/ it, but maybe i’ll give this a try at your recommendation!

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