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Another gorgeous South Florida day!

We’ve been having a string of beautiful days here in South FL lately. The weather is so beautiful – not too hot – a little breezy – and just look at that bright blue sky and those big, white, puffy cotton-ball clouds! How much more perfect could it get? I wish the weather we’re having now would last all year. I’m looking forward to Zachary’s spring break off from school in a few weeks so we can spend more time playing outside and having fun, enjoying more amazing days like these.

Gorgeous South FL Day

Hipstamatic 200 for iPhone 4 ; Helga Viking lens & Ina’s 35 film

2 thoughts on “Another gorgeous South Florida day!

  1. I totally agree! We are also in Florida (Sarasota) and the weather has been amaaazing. The only complaint I have is that I’ve been sleeping half of my days away (third trimester) so I haven’t really been able to enjoy it before it starts getting hot & sticky out!

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