A chaise lounge is the perfect seating accessory

I have always dreamed of having a gorgeous, leather chaise lounge chair – like this one:

What’s not to love? The  sparkly silver colored legs of the chair, the soft, gleaming white leather? This is a dream piece of furniture for our home, however while my little boy is still using crayons on the furniture rather than his coloring books, it’s a piece that will have to wait until our little one is a bit more grown up.

Not only do I love this chair because it looks comfy to relax on, it is also a really cool looking statement piece in an ultra-modern home.

In the mean time, since there’s no place for a chair like that in my house at the moment, I’ve been looking into expanding my patio decor, and I think that outdoor chaise lounge chairs would be a fabulous addition to our backyard!

This one looks super comfy and snuggly (especially with the pillow and the relaxing arm-rests):

We have an awesome, big backyard that is desperately lacking in seating arrangements. I love sitting outside and relaxing with a book while Zachary is playing outside with his toys and with our dog Maya, but there isn’t really any place comfortable to sit. It would be great to have a couple of these great chaise lounge chairs to sit on outside when having Zachary’s little friends over so that the mommies could have some relaxing time too!

Do you agree that the chaise lounge chair is the ultimate seating accessory? Do you own one for your house and totally love it? 🙂

Disclosure: This was a sponsored, compensated post. All opinions are my own.

2 thoughts on “A chaise lounge is the perfect seating accessory

  1. I’ve also always wanted a nice chaise lounge but for some reason one has never made it into my home! It is on my wish list though and hopefully I’ll get one soon!

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