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Time again for the South Florida Renaissance Festival…

I took this image a couple years ago at the South Florida Renaissance Festival, which is running through March 13 at Quiet Waters Park in Deerfield Beach, FL.

The Ren Fest is filled with so many fun people, colors, and things to do. I’m hoping to go again this year.

Renaissance Fest 2008

9 thoughts on “Time again for the South Florida Renaissance Festival…

    1. No. It falls under the jurisdiction of photojournalism/documentation, I believe. These people also LOVE to have their picture taken, but be prepared to bring cards and send them files for their Facebook or MySpace if they contact you. They usually love to post a picture on their page if they like it. Plus it’s nice exposure for you, if you use a small watermark.

  1. Nice shot as always, Karen.We haven’t gone to a Ren Fest in a couple of years. It’s always ripe for photography and we’re going to try to go this year.

    I think Karen is correct for releases. You can’t sell the photos without one, but they are getting dressed up and going somewhere with an expectation of being photographed.

    I’ve never had any trouble taking photos at stuff like this.

    1. Actually, you may be able to sell the image without a release. I believe if it’s labeled as fine art, you may not need a release, but don’t quote me on that. I have never anticipated selling my Ren Fest images, but I feel that if I called it an artistic representation, it would be covered under the law. I would need to do some research to confirm this, however.

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