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Roof Duck, a South Florida wildlife story

Since I’ve mentioned Roof Duck here and have tweeted about it a couple times, I figured it was time to post the Roof Duck story:

One day I heard a big crash on my roof. I thought it was quite possibly someone trying to break into my house, but I was thankfully mistaken as I suddenly saw two gigantic ducks fly away.

A few days later, I was outside playing with Zachary, eating loquats from my tree, and walking Maya in my backyard, when I heard some rustling on the roof.

I turned around… and saw this:

My Roof Duck

Instagram iPhone 4 shot of our very own Roof Duck.

The rustling continued over the next couple days. I nagged Adrian and told him the duck seemed to really like the space between the Florida room and the slanted eaves of our house, and I asked him to take a look and see if he could scare her off. Yeah… too late for that. She likes our house so much she decided to build a nest and LAY EGGS up there.

Now we’re just waiting. Roof Duck hangs out there most of the time by herself, chillin’ on her nest, but sometimes Daddy Duck flies in to take over so she can presumably go get something to eat. We hear a lot of rustling as she keeps her nest in tip-top shape for those baby birds to come.

I’m a bit nervous about what will actually happen when the ducklings arrive and how on earth they will get off the roof, but I’m just staying positive and hoping that her mommy instincts will take over and she will ensure her babies get down safely. I do love ducklings!!

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