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Pic of the week: baking with Zachary

This week’s pic of the week is actually a series of images I took BEFORE the holidays, but haven’t yet had a chance to share. The day before we left to visit Adrian’s family in Tennessee, we decided to cook up a big breakfast, something we rarely have the chance to do. But, we were taking the morning off to pack our suitcase and get things ready for our trip, so we decided to relax for once, since we knew we were going to have a big, long, stressful day in the car ahead of us the following day. Adrian made scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, and even picked up a box of blueberry muffins to bake, a real treat!

Zachary is very intrigued by cooking and loves to watch and help, so we knew he would love making the muffins especially. I just adore these cute images I captured of him “stirring” the batter and then sneaking a taste. So, so cute!

baking with zachary

baking with zachary

baking with zachary

Canon 5D | 50mm | 1/125 @ f/1.8 | December 19, 2010

4 thoughts on “Pic of the week: baking with Zachary

  1. This is going to be a weird comment:

    “Cook up a big breakfast” — southern dialect? The “up” is certainly not required grammatically, and I’m not sure where it comes from. Sometimes I say things in this manner, too, and I can’t figure out why it gets included in sentences! Does it make the sentence seem more whimsical? Like a bigger project? This is in no way a criticism, I’m just really curious about the linguistics.

    1. Melissa.. that is a good question! I have no idea where I got that from. Maybe it is a southern thing. I’m honestly not sure. I feel like I tend to pick up a lot of speech patterns from the people I talk to… so I guess I picked it up somewhere!

  2. “Cookin’ up a big breakfast” is totally something we say in Texas. Honestly, doesn’t even strike me as sounding weird even though I know, grammatically, it doesn’t make much sense. But if that were the case, half the things we say wouldn’t be said.

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