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Fun times at Kids Hub Cafe in Sunrise, FL

Last weekend I attended my friend Carol’s daughter Sabrina’s 2nd birthday party with Zachary over at Kids Hub Cafe in Sunrise near the Sawgrass Mills Mall. Zachary had an AMAZING time! We have gone to other birthday parties before, but this one was the first birthday party that Zachary has attended and actually understood what was going on since he is a bit older now. I explained to him we were going to a party and he was very excited. He was saying “birthday party!” and “happy birthday” all day the day before. I loved it!

As soon as we arrived, Zachary headed over to play on the equipment. He loved playing with all the different toys, at the train table, in the toddler area, and in the climbing area (which is really for bigger kids, but many of the small kids had a blast climbing too).

It was our first time visiting Kids Hub Cafe, and actually our first time playing at an indoor playground like this. Believe it or not, I had never taken Zachary to play at a kids entertainment center before. When he was 8 months old, I had met up with some friends at a different kids place, but at the time, Z. was too little to play on anything so we just sat with the other moms and Zachary actually fell asleep on my lap, which I thought was so funny. Oh how times have changed! Now that he is two, he wants to run, jump, climb, and do everything that the big kids do.

kids hub cafe in sunrise florida sawgrass commons

kids hub cafe in sunrise florida sawgrass commons

Carol’s mom always makes the most awesome birthday cakes so I was thrilled to see another one. It was as delicious as it looked! Zachary was actually having so much fun playing in the climbing area at this point that he did not want to go into the party room to eat, but I enticed him with pizza and cake and got him to stay put for at least a little bit. It was kinda cute to watch him sitting and having his pizza with all the other little kids. 🙂 I love birthday parties!

kids hub cafe in sunrise florida sawgrass commons

If you’re in South Florida and have been crazy enough to leave your house this weekend, you’ll know that it’s about 900 million degrees outside (in February? Seriously?!). I’m thrilled to know about a new place to take my little guy when I need a fun place for him to blow off some steam. They even have a cafe and gelateria (of course, Zachary loves ice cream/gelato).

Big thanks to my friend Carol for inviting us to celebrate with Sabrina on her birthday and for introducing us to Kids Hub! Looking forward to going back again soon with some friends to join us!!

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