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One of my new year’s resolutions was to read at least 25 books – and if I hit that goal, to then read 25 more. Well, I’m excited that February hasn’t even started and I’m already more than 25% of the way finished with the first goal. I’ve completed 7 books so far this month! Of course, the first six were all Vampire Academy books, but hey, they were good. 🙂 I’m currently in the middle of Human Blend, a paranormal book that I read about on Ellz Readz blog, which I downloaded to my Kindle for iPhone (only $2.99), as well as The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (currently on sale at Amazon for 63% off!). It was recommended to me by a few colleagues and while it’s not at all an easy book to read, it’s pretty enjoyable. I am not too far yet, and I actually took a break from it to read yet another book which I downloaded free on Kindle (The Apothecary’s Daughter by Julie Klassen, a great historical novel), but I do look forward to finishing it and completing the series as I own all of the books.

Are you on Goodreads? I created an account over there the other day and already have nearly 100 books in my to-read list! If you’re a member of Goodreads too, you can click the link to add me as a friend. One of the coolest things I’ve found on Goodreads, aside from checking out all the books your friends are reading, is the giveaways. They have a section called First Reads, where you have the opportunity to enter to win a prerelease book from the publisher. I’ve entered a bunch of giveaways and hope I win one! I love new books! 🙂

I’ve found some good book blogs lately, too. One of my favorites so far is Ellz Readz, which is a beautifully designed site. She focuses a lot on YA novels with an urban fantasy/paranormal theme, which I love.  I also love my friend Eli’s site, Our Fiction Addiction, which she writes with a friend of hers. They have some great reviews and I’ve learned about some fantastic books thanks to Eli! I also found another book blog the other day, Sniffly Kitty’s Mostly Books, which has a giveaway of a book I want to read, The Weird Sisters. You can click the link to visit her blog and enter the giveaway, too.

Zachary and I have been reading some fun books lately, too, but I’ll save those for another post. I love that my kid is so interested in reading, books, and listening to a good story. So, what are you reading right now? Anything notable on your to-read list?

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  1. I’m in a class where I have to read a minimum of 50 children’s books. I’ll let you know if I come across anything good 🙂 – for Zachary of course!

  2. Thanks for the goodreads recommendation. I didn’t know about that site. I’m reading some Nicole Krauss books right now. I just finished Great House a few weeks ago and now I am reading The History of Love.

    1. Christy, if you sign up for goodreads make sure you add me as a friend, then we can see what each other is reading! 🙂 I always get the best ideas for books to read by looking at my friends’ lists.

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