the perfect addition to your next Twilight party…

My jaw pretty much dropped when I saw these awesome lollipops the other day on Etsy. Or should I call them blood “suckers”? Ha ha! Hazelnut-coffee? Lavender-anise? Jasmine-honey? Not only are the flavors simply mouthwatering, but check it out – they are Twilight inspired. Um, aweeeeesome. I’m thinking I might need a pack of these for a Valentine’s Twilight marathon. Who’s in?!

image from This Charming Candy

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2 thoughts on “the perfect addition to your next Twilight party…

  1. I *love* This Charming Candy…they’re really yummy, too! I have such a hard time doing shows with them because I can’t not stop by their both and buy a pack (or three)!

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