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New Year’s Resolutions 2011 – Update

So last week I made a blog post with my New Year’s Resolutions, and it’s been going well. I’ve been getting an appropriate amount of sleep, have been cleaning and organizing, have already read nearly the entire Vampire Academy series (don’t knock it, it’s great!), and have gotten a few business things organized as well. Not bad.

I kind of added a few other unspoken resolutions that didn’t make the official list, but are things I’ve been trying to do each day. The most important one has been actually getting dressed and putting on makeup. You’d think this would have been a no-brainer, but when you stay up too late working and don’t sleep enough and drink two pots of coffee every day, you wake up in the morning feeling like the living dead and can barely manage to get out of bed let alone find something appropriate to wear in public.

Making the resolution to sleep a healthy amount each night has been so important to me and it’s just been a week. Waking up feeling like a human being and not a zombie is doing wonders for my productivity in the morning. I’m also feeling much happier, a lot healthier, and way more energetic and full of ideas.

While I’m not getting work done quite as fast as I had before when I would stay up all night at the computer, it is so nice to fall asleep in my bed rather than at my desk, and to drink coffee because I enjoy it, not because I NEED it to stay awake long enough to say good night to my baby. No one should ever let themselves get to that point and I’m sorry that I did that to myself last year. Not only was it not fair to the people who had to be around me, but it was super unhealthy and bad.

Even if I don’t stick to my other resolutions for one reason or another, I won’t be slipping with that one. It’s too important not to follow.

I’ve seen some pretty great resolutions posts online with so many inspiring ideas, but I came across this resolutions printable poster the other day on Lil’magoolie blog and it really stood out to me, mostly because it was fun, colorful, and although these weren’t necessarily on my official resolution list, they’re definitely words to keep in mind every day.

new years resolutions from lil'magoolie

I’m thinking I’ll print one up for myself and pick up a frame at IKEA next week to put in the office. Good stuff, right?

I’ve found so many more amazing organizing and change-your-life type things while exploring online and I’d like to take some time to explore them this year, and I’ll be blogging about it for sure. This should be an exciting year in so many ways!

How are your resolutions coming so far?

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