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Holidays in TN – Recap – Part 1!

A couple of weeks ago I posted a holiday recap from all of my iPhone photos that I took during our vacation to visit Adrian’s parents who live in Tennessee, as well as my sister-in-law, Lissa, who was also visiting for the holidays. I finally found some time the other night after Zachary went to bed to look through the photos and picked out some of my favorite pictures.

I figured I better get my recap up before January is over, at least!!

The day before Christmas Eve, we baked holiday cookies. I had a really good time doing this since I grew up celebrating Hanukkah, not Christmas, and we only celebrate Hanukkah and the other Jewish holidays at our home…. and I love cookies. 🙂

But, Adrian’s parents and sister celebrate Christmas, so we enjoyed the holiday traditions with them this year. Zachary had a great time helping me and Lissa use the cookie cutters. I’d brought some fun Hanukkah cookie cutters from home so that we could have a variety of holidays and cultures represented.

Lissa & her mom mixed the dough while I took some photos.

baking holiday cookies

Then I handed Adrian the camera so he could capture images of Zachary cutting out the cookies with Lissa and with me. He thought it was a lot of fun and enjoyed picking out the different cookie cutters.

baking holiday cookies

Then it was time to decorate.

baking holiday cookies

Zachary snuck in a few bites while decorating! I think this is the most sugar he’s probably ever had… and of course, he LOVED it!

baking holiday cookies

Some of the finished cookies including the Menorah, Dreidel and Star of David cookie shapes I brought with me. You can tell which ones are Zachary’s since they’re a little messy. I also made a dachshund cookie in honor of Maya which I cut out with a knife, and Lissa and I made letters for everyone, and I found a cute bird cookie cutter which I decorated. It was yummy. 🙂

baking holiday cookies

I also took a few photos on Christmas Day. We opened gifts and there were just so many that I didn’t really take any photos of anyone opening presents, but I snapped some portraits and pictures of the tree, which was really beautifully decorated. I was more entranced with the snow, actually, since we had a snowfall that day. I’ll post those photos tomorrow since there are quite a few.

holiday celebrations

I took this picture of Zachary with my mother-in-law and father-in-law. Zachary usually gets distracted for group photos, but I think this one came out cute, even though we still had to distract him with a present – LOL! We put him in a little outfit with a vest to try to get a “formal” photo. So adorable!

holiday celebrations

Zachary loves trains, and my MIL had to move this ornament up high on the tree – Zachary loved it and kept trying to pull it down. And doesn’t Lissa look pretty in this picture? She was still dressed up from going to holiday services with her parents so I had to grab a photo.

holiday celebrations

Stay tuned tomorrow for snow pictures… and don’t forget to vote for us on Picket Fence or Top Baby Blogs!

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  1. Beautiful! We also had a menorah up (even tho Hanukkah was over) and don’t forget the 13 “musical santas” which Zach loved! lol

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