happy 30th anniversary to my parents!

Today is my parents anniversary! They have been married for 30 years. Happy anniversary to my parents!

It’s a pretty cool day to have their 30th anniversary since it’s 1/11/11. I will give them a call today at 11:11 to say happy anniversary and complete the number repetition. 🙂

Here are my parents:

Lunch with my parents

I took that picture a little over two years ago, when I was pregnant. Don’t they look amazing?!

My parents are both pretty awesome and do a lot for me, Adrian, and Zachary. I feel really lucky to have them as my parents, and am thankful for all of the great times we’ve had together since I was little. I hope they are having a great day today. Zachary and I are going to stop by their house later and give them their gift. Can’t wait for them to find out what it is! 🙂

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2 thoughts on “happy 30th anniversary to my parents!

  1. A big thank you to our sweet daughter and her family for making our lives so enriched. Daddy and I love your post. You made our anniversary the best ever!!

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