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pic of the week: loving the cold

I’m not doing Wordless Wednesdays anymore – I can’t ever seem to make them wordless. So it’s just a pic of the week now. Or pics, in this case, since I couldn’t pick just one picture. Anyone else want to catch on with my trendy name? 🙂

I took these portraits the same day as I took this iPhone photo. Zachary sure loves the cold weather! it’s been very cold the past few days here in South FL, and he’s really enjoyed going outside, even though his mommy’s teeth are chattering!

These are the first great pictures I’ve been able to get of him since he turned 2… still can’t believe he’s two. I think these images really show off his personality. A little serious… a little introspective…. and wonderfully happy, smiley, Zachary. They’re some of my favorite pictures of him that I’ve taken this year, actually. Hope you enjoy.

In the golden light

He loves this tree

Happy little face

Canon 5D – 50mm, f/1.4, ISO 500, 1/2000 sec.

7 thoughts on “pic of the week: loving the cold

  1. Totally coopting Wordless Wednesdays. Except, of course, that all of my photos will be yarn/fiber/knitting related instead of life/family/photography related. 🙂

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