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Why I don’t like Teething Bling.

Rant below. If you’re a Teething Necklace/Bling fan you might want to stay away from this post!

Since I started up truly “mom blogging” I have heard about teething necklaces. No, not the new-age amber ones which are supposed to soothe the baby when teething and are NOT meant for chewing in any way shape or form. I’m talking about the plastic silicone (thanks for the correction) ones which the mom is supposed to wear and let her teething baby chew on. Really? The first time I saw this I was kind of surprised that anyone would go out of their way to make something like this; I honestly thought it was one of the most ridiculous baby products I’ve ever heard of.

I mean, we all teethed as children and did not need to constantly have something in our mouths. If we did need relief, they make specific teething rings and toys just for this purpose. With Zachary, I particularly liked giving him the frozen ones – after each use, I’d quickly wash it in the sink and throw it back in the quick freeze section of the freezer. I had about 4 of these that he would alternate between so I never was out of frozen teethers. He also had other toys that he’d enjoy chewing on, and sometimes I’d use a frozen washcloth. My friend Hillary’s daughter enjoyed the mesh feeders so she could give frozen or cold fruits, though Zachary never got the hang of those.

There are SO many reasons why allowing your child to chew on YOUR NECKLACE is ridiculous. And unsafe. And can I say ridiculous once again? Aside from the fact that germs get trapped on your clothes/skin or whatever else you touch and transferred to your necklace, there’s reason number one. An even bigger reason is that it teaches your child that CHEWING ON JEWELRY IS OKAY. Guess what?! IT’S NOT!

When Zachary was very little, he started chewing on my necklaces, so guess what? I stopped wearing them! Why? Because they were dirty! Sure, maybe you clean your teething necklace in soapy hot water every day. But when your daycare provider is holding your child, or your cousin, or your mom, and he goes for the necklace… All I can think of is that’s absolutely disgusting. You have no idea where someone has been before they see or hold your child. What if they were in the bathroom and didn’t wash their hands, and then touched their necklace to adjust it, and your kid chewed on it because you are teaching him that eating jewelry is okay? Yeah… Gross, right?

I don’t rant very often on my blog, but I’ve seen so many of these necklaces mentioned on blogs and giveaways and they annoy me soooooooo much when I think about all the germs. Soooo grossss.

ETA: I touched upon this in the comments but didn’t go into it as much in my post, so I wanted to add that I simply don’t agree with the idea of teething necklaces because I do not believe that teaching a child to use jewelry for teething is the right thing to do. I don’t believe it is a good behavior to promote. That’s why we have teething toys – and there are plenty of BPA-Free, baby-safe toys out there. For those of you coming from Facebook, yes, Amy from Teething Bling/Smart Mom Jewelry did offer me a sample, which was very nice of her, but I am not interested in trying this product since it goes against my beliefs of what is right to teach my child. Thanks for checking out my blog!

36 thoughts on “Why I don’t like Teething Bling.

  1. I like Teething Bling! The bracelets and necklaces are 100 percent Safe for infants and toddlers to suck on. Most of the time my daughter is playing with them when I am not wearing them at all. I give them to her. When I wear my normal jewelry she doesn’t bother it, and NO, she doesn’t suck on it.

    Teething Bling is BPA Free and can be washed with soap and hot water and also be put in the dish washer. Plus, some germs are good for our children. Without some germs, children keep getting sicker and sicker. My children have been exposed to so many germs that they hardly get sick at all, if ever. I have a friend who keeps her baby boy, he is 15 months old, away from germs, and he is Always sick. He gets over one cold and catches another.

    Germs are mostly good for us. Not the other way around. Teething Bling is good for our babies and toddlers, and it’s here to stay. Same thing with teething toys, think about the many germs that got into the very teeny tiny cracks of the plastic. How great was it to have your son possibly chewing on a teething toy that might of had BPA in it? Very Scary.

    1. Heather: That’s great that your daughter doesn’t bother with your regular jewelry! My son was really attracted to my jewelry, even at 2 years old he’s still interested in necklaces and will pull at them.

      I do agree that some germs are good for us, and I don’t mind for example when my son plays with toys on the floor. I’m not fanatical about cleaning his toys and don’t make it a point to seclude him from germs in any way. He goes to preschool after all. 🙂 But I don’t like the idea of him thinking it’s ok to grab on to people’s jewelry no matter whose it is – mine, my mom’s, or his preschool teacher’s, or anyone else’s. When he was teething, I gave him frozen washcloths or BPA-FREE teething toys (there are PLENTY out there- Here is a list of some).

      Thanks for your comments.

  2. I agree with Heather’s comment. Children need some germs to grow immunities. I like the idea of the teething necklace. It can be cleaned regularly, it does not get dropped or dragged around the floors like a regular teether. Children are going to play with your necklace regardless so why not make it a safe one. As for “teaching” children to put jewelery in their mouths, it is our job to supervise them. I would rather allow my child to chew on a teething necklace than a bpa contaminated, dirty water filled teether! (which by the way are NEVER to be frozen in the freezer, please read the packaging)

  3. Everyone has their opinions about things and posting this on the teething bling webpage on facebook for all the fans to criticize, I dont think was right at all. So what she doesnt like teething bling, should we shun her for it? I dont think so. I think both of your alls research and knowledge of germs and teethers are very accurate, the point is that parents are willing to try anything safe for their children because we want to do everything in our power to soothe our babies. As for my son he doesnt like anything frozen and neither does my daughter and so the teething bling works for me however I much agree with you on the germ thing that it is disgusting but we can not shelter our children forever and much as wel would like to. But way to go on voicing your opinion.

    1. Felisia, thanks for commenting on my post and supporting my right to voice my opinion 🙂 I’m glad this product works for you but as I mentioned to others in the comments, I just personally do not like the idea of training my children that teething on jewelry is the right thing to do. I appreciate your comments!

  4. To be clear, they are silicone, not plastic. They are also too large to choke on. I know I boil mine ever day and also carry cleanwell (no alcohol) wipes, to clean them while I”m out. I treat the teething bling, just like I treat his other teething toys. I wash them frequently. My son prefers to chew his teething bling, over any other teether. I’ve had frozen ones, wood ones, washcloths, you name I tried it. He will take the bling 99% of the time. I do personally wish you would have tried it, before bashing it. I encourage you to, actually. It has helped my son immensely.

  5. Well to each his own I guess. My son hated anything frozen but loved my teething bling. I don’t wear jewelry so I wasn’t worried about him trying to eat anything else, but he never tried to chew on anyone else’s jewelry. He is not into them anymore so they now live with our neighbors next door but I am getting them back for my next baby. Oh, and they are actually dishwasher safe so I just toss them in there.

    1. Kat: Thanks for kindly sharing your opinions, and I’m glad it works for you. My son did try to go for anyone’s necklace, not just mine. The idea that I could be teaching him that it’s ok to teethe on anyone’s jewelry (especially something not baby safe) just didn’t sit well with me, so I don’t agree with the idea behind the product.

  6. Everyone has their own thoughts. I personally love our teething bling. My son loves to fidget when he nurses and I’d much rather it be with a safe necklace than my neck or hair or breast.

    Also, we’ve used one for more than 7 months and my son has never gotten sick from germs…he’s never gotten sick actually…

    He doesn’t like the cold teething things–he much more prefers the soft, rubbery ones like this necklace. We actually want to get them for his grandmas and aunts–that way he can fidget with their necklaces with no worries.

    I personally think it’s a great product 🙂

    1. Crystal: Thanks for kindly sharing your opinions, and I’m glad it works for you. Props to you for getting some for your relatives as well. I just don’t like the idea of teaching my children that it’s ok to teethe on others’ jewelry especially if it’s not baby-safe.

  7. As small children you could not really stop my siblings and I from going for others’ necklaces. My grandma had her silver cross necklace chewed on by her kids and grandkids. This is a much better option.
    The odd germ that shows up on Teething Bling is a much better option that a regular necklace, I actually tuck them under my shirt when my daughter isn’t using it to keep it cleaner.
    As a child I chewed on anything I could get, this would have been a better option.
    Don’t dis something unless you have tried it. Otherwise your opinon is null

    1. Kristina, thanks for commenting, but I am really “dissing” the whole IDEA of it because it makes me feel uncomfortable. If the product works for you, fine. I do not like the idea and would never personally use this product. I preferred teething toys or frozen wash cloths. I don’t like the idea of him chewing something that’s been on my skin or on anyone else’s for that matter, and made the decision to simply teach him that it is not ok to chew on jewelry.

  8. I think before you rant about a product you should at least have tried it so that you have some credibility when “ranting.” You are insinuating that people wearing them are dirty germ carriers who live in a dirty germ infested home who allow they children to snack on their dirty germ infested jewelry. Children grab necklaces regardless of the style because they are interesting and within reach. Why not allow them the capability to pull on a gentle necklace that has a snap release? One that will not injure little hands.
    Giving them something safe to chew on to soothe sore gums does not necessarily mean they are learning its ok to chew on jewelry. Lest you forget you are the parent and therefore the teacher or role model for your children.
    I’d rather my daughter chew on something that has not been drug all over the floor and has instead been safely around my neck or wrist.

  9. I love teething bling. I have the bangle and necklace for my baby to play with as he would pinch my boobs whilst feeding and it hurts! You should give it a go 😉

  10. It’s not teaching children to chew on jewelry. Anyone who’s ever held a child while wearing anything shiny knows that a kid is going to go straight for the shiny object and put it in their mouth. Better that they’re chewing on something that’s meant to be chewed than on random jewelry. The point of the teething bling is so that a mom doesn’t have to forgo wearing necklaces while her child is in the chew on everything stage; she can wear something pretty that won’t harm her child if it does end up in his/her mouth.

    1. Sorry Jessy, but I do believe it teaches them to chew on jewelry. It’s just not a behavior that I want to promote in my children and overall the entire idea of it personally makes me feel uncomfortable. My opinion.

  11. I actually own Teething Bling… and to be honest I do like it. However I like the Razbaby and others too, we try alot of diff ones here.
    I am a fan of TB on Facebook and have to say that posting on your wall this Womans blog post seemed very childish and petty…
    I mean..really? Shes entitled to her opinion like any one else without getting a bunch of angry TB fan mail…
    It makes me not want to be a fan….

    1. Reynolds: thank you for supporting my right to post my own personal ideas on my blog. If someone doesn’t like it, I think they should just leave my page. Enjoy your weekend!

  12. This is horrible review.. My little girl has Angelman Syndrome so she is a special needs baby and one of her needs are to Chew on something so she won’t drool too much and she can focus on working with her therapy learning.
    And I Don’t give a F^ *•~K of what people thinks when see my Baby chewing it or wearing it… Haters are People who envy the life of the ones they hate…
    Oh and next time you review something…” “DO research”” so you know What is made of, what is the purpose of it,and how it works for the ONES USING IT…
    Have a “great life”…

    1. Carmelita: I’m sorry about your daughter and wish you the best, but you’re wrong. I don’t envy the life of anyone who posted on my blog, not in the least. I wouldn’t want my child chewing on my jewelry. I think it’s DISGUSTING. Sorry, but I have the right to post a RANT (not a review… nowhere does it say this is a review) on my own personal blog, with my opinions. I’m not a journalist, I am a mom, and a regular person. This is my blog, which gives me the right to post whatever I feel like writing about. Why don’t you go write your own blog post if it makes you so angry?

  13. I’m sorry, but don’t knock something ’til you try it, seriously. Teething bling is AWESOME and I have taught my child that it’s okay to chew on it and NOT on my other jewelry. Teaching them the difference between what they can and can’t chew on is a fairly easy thing to do. Like others have said, it’s dishwasher safe and VERY easy to clean. Why don’t you take Amy up on her offer to try it… it might just change your mind.

  14. I agree with you Lisa….ha kidding Karen 🙂 I have never used teething necklaces. My husband can vouch for me on this I can’t stand being drooled, sweated on or jam hands (srsly do kids excrete sticky jam from their hands?). So I can very well say I would not use a teething necklace the thought of my kid gnawing on it then it touching my skin. Pass. I’m sure it’s works for others which is great. As the saying goes to each his own.

    I’d like to point out to those saying you can’t review something you’ve never used, well I don’t really see that your post is reviewing anything. It’s an OPINION. You’re entitled to it. And why would you review something that makes your skin crawl? I don’t like spiders. No company or person will ever be able to convince me that they’re harmless.

    *please don’t anyone send me spiders.

    Sure my kids went after my jewely they’re like fish they see a shiny object and go for it. I just stopped wearing it for a bit. No big deal. I’m not going to put on fake jewelry or hang chew toys from my neck. They’ll eventually figure out boundaries and what’s mine is not ok for them to handle unless I give them permission.

    P.s. I always used washcloths or frozen waffles 🙂

  15. I didn’t really think toys were ok to chew on either. I mean I know they have specific toys made for teething but to a child its just another toy. So I guess your ok with teaching your children thats its ok to chew on toys right?

  16. you so welcome karen. I feel that we have the right of freedom of speech and I am ashamed of all these people bashing you. It is disrespectful and It makes the american people look bad. GO AHEAD AND BASH ME TOO FOR VOICING MY OPINION ALL YOU NEGATIVE NANCIES. I am sorry everyone is bashing you like that. I am ashamed of teething bling and will not only stop using their product but tell others what they did. I cant believe teething bling posted it on their website just so you could be bashed. That is so wrong.

    1. Felisia: Thanks so much. What these people don’t see is that I clearly state I’m posting a RANT. This is not a review. I haven’t and don’t ever plan to try the product, because I don’t want to. Also, doesn’t everyone call this stuff “Teething Blings” just like people call tissues “Kleenex” or soda “Coke.” This isn’t a personal attack against that specific company, it’s a RANT about why I don’t like all teething “blings.” Shame on them for inviting their fans to come and insult me.

  17. First of all, if you actually read the instructions on multiple teethers, it clearly states not to place in the freezer because they become a hazard to the child. Second of all, the teething bling provides a way to always have a teething item on you, in case you are out and forget. And my child does not learn to chew on jewelry, she has learned that she can chew on that necklace, because guess what, she’s smart enough to know the difference.

  18. I haven’t read all the comments but I have to say that having a kid suck on germy jewelry doesn’t bother me as much as having to wear that jewelry. Gross! I love my kid but I want his slobber as far away from me as possible. I don’t want to smell like baby drool all day. Thank goodness we are way past that point.

    1. June: I just find the entire idea completely gross. Not interested in using the product, and glad that my son only has 1-2 more molars left to grow in!

  19. Ohh my I thought this was a joke! Safe or not safe, plastic or silicone, who wants to wear drooled on jewelry!? Honestly?! YUCKY!

  20. I will not go into a huge “rant” because most of what I would say has already been addressed, such as the kids needing exposure to germs to build up immunities.

    So, I will simply address your main argument. I used teething bling with both of my children. Neither liked frozen toys or the texture issues with the mesh. I have pendants AND bangles. They liked both, but bangles seemed to be their favorite. That being said, neither of my children have ever even ONCE tried to chew on my regular jewelry or anyone else’s for that matter. I did not come on here to bash you for your opinion or anything like that, but I will be honest, I feel a little offended because you basically just called me a bad mother because my parenting choices don’t match up with yours, or at least that is my perception of your post. I am sure that was not your intention, but that is how I perceived it. Anyways, I can only speak to my personal experience, but like I said, neither of my kids ever tried to chew on jewelry, and neither ever got sick from using teething bling. They get more germs from going to playgroup than they do from the teething bling.

  21. LOL sounds like you’re an uptight mom! Babies pick up tons of germs every day! If you don’t want your baby to get germs you should put him in a bubble. My son has never once got sick! I agree with the other mom that said you should bash a product until you’ve tried it. Just because you let your baby chew on teething bling doesn’t mean they’ll go for everyones necklaces.

  22. And all that aside, I do believe you have the right to your opinion. I have a blog too and I would be pretty pissed if a bunch of people came on it to bash me, so I hope that is not how my response came off. I just wanted to share my experience with teething bling. Its not for everyone, and we all have a right to our opinion.

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