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The Geeky Kid Holiday Gift Guide!

Have a geeky kid and not sure what to get for the holidays? Want to encourage geekiness in your bundle of joy? Well, look no further… here is your geeky kid holiday gift guide! Lots of ages are included so check it out! For sure I’ll be picking some of these up for my son at some point… My favorites are the geeky bed sheets from ThinkGeek, the t-shirt, Duplos, and Make Van Gogh’s Bed book! Take a look to learn more!

1. Cloud Twilight Constellation Turtle – a great baby gift… this turtle projects a complete starry night sky on to the walls of the room and has accompanying music. Encourage a love of the stars and astronomy for your future astrophysicist right from day one!

2. Here Comes Science CD & DVD – They Might Be Giants – the perfect choice for a child who loves music. The songs in this compilation are science themed and include gems such as “Meet the Elements” and “Why Does the Sun Shine?” Fun and awesome music by They Might Be Giants.

3. Nerdy Baby Number Flash Cards – these nerdy baby cards will help your baby count the nerdy way! They measure 4×6 and are laminated for protection. They cover science, math, geology, classical music & more. Also would be fun to frame them and use them as artwork in the baby’s room, don’t you think?

4. Baby MP3 Player by Sweet Pea – this little device plays up to 40 hours of music with 1 AA battery. what better gift for the little one who wants mommy’s iPod? something perfect for their age group, that also has a timer, 2GB of memory, and 3 playlists which parents can program. way cool.

5. The Space Child’s Mother Goose – if you like nursery rhymes and you’re a nerd (or are planning on raising one), this book is for you! Filled with quirky 50’s-era space-age poetry based on the original Mother Goose rhymes, it’s a fun book for your collection and will entertain and educate your little one.

6. B. Toys H2-Whoa! – We love those B. Toys in our house. So innovatively designed! The H2-Whoa allows your little one to use one of 4 water-filled pens to make a drawing, which eventually fades away so he or she can start anew. Great for long trips or unlimited creativity.

7. Let’s Nosh! – Have a budding foodie geek baby? Let’s Nosh is the perfect gift for Hanukkah (ok, maybe for next year – Hanukkah came so early this year!). This book creatively composes favorite Jewish snacks into a lovely arrangement of photography and rhyme.

8. No, I Will Not Fix Your Computer – Do you have a computer geek in the making? If my son grows up to be anything like me or his dad, everyone and their dog will be asking him to fix their computer by the time he’s 7. Make sure the world knows that your kid still uses a computer for fun by getting this shirt. “No, he won’t fix your computer… see, it says so right on the shirt! Take it to the Geek Squad like everyone else!”

9. Geeky Bed Sheets – I love ThinkGeek. They have the coolest products for kids and adults alike! I loved these bedsheets when I saw them and was a little sad they don’t come in crib size, but that means I can just get a set for Zachary when we move him to a twin bed. The set comes with a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, and two pillowcases.

10. Lego Duplo Learning – Every young geekling needs a set of lego blocks, and this Duplo learning set will help teach numbers and entertain them for at least an hour while they build houses and cars! There are lots of options for the 2-5 age group with Duplos, even a fun Thomas the Train Duplo set if your child is interested in that.

11. Mini Masters Board Books – This set of 4 fun board books show the greatest paintings of some of the most magnificent artists in history and tell a story using art and rhyme. I think this is such an amazing idea to introduce fine art to young children.

12. Make Van Gogh’s Bed – Another book for the budding artsy baby! This book goes through the Impressionist movement with different pictures from amazing artists and allows children to engage their senses while learning about fine art. I look forward to ordering a few of these so that I can encourage my son to enjoy art, too.


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Disclosure – this is NOT a sponsored post. I found all of these items on my own because I think they are fun and awesome. I am an amazon affiliate and my link is included. Thank you!

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