The clouds above me.

My final photo post for the last day of Photo Fun Month (although I will be posting a picture tomorrow for Wordless Wednesday) are some Instagram shots I took of the sky today. It was pretty clear earlier this morning with just a few clouds, but late in the afternoon there were some insanely awesome, crazy clouds above my street. Here are a few photos.

This one is from about 9:30 this morning, taken in my driveway (you can see the edge of my barrel tile roof – and a bird flying by):

Bird flying over my house

These two images were taken late in the afternoon, at about 4:30. The first was taken as I drove (slowly) down my street. The second image, I took standing in my driveway, in the exact same position as the photo from 9:30 this morning. So crazy how weather can change in a matter of hours!

Craaaaazy clouds on my street!

More clouds

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