Photos from the Holiday Weekend!

I got a tiny bit behind on posting my favorite photos from this past holiday weekend! What can I say – I spent a lot less time on my computer and more time with my little guy! It was great to be off the computer and not worry about anyone but my baby. I genuinely enjoyed every second we spent playing with his Thomas trains (and hey, even picked up a few new ones this weekend) and we also visited with Aunt Amy which he loved. Here are pictures in the order they were taken:

Wednesday – I have some cute pictures to share that are not downloaded from my point & shoot yet. In the mean time, check out his turkey handprint from the artwork Zachary made at school!

Turkey handprint

Thursday – Thanksgiving Day! I played Thomas with Zachary (of course). We played with some stickers, which he covered himself in. And then Maya joined in playing with trains, too! Silly Maya.

Covering himself in Thomas stickers... Choo Choo! Oh Maya!!

Friday – I really did a lot of nothing on Friday. I barely squeezed in a photo when I took this image of some funky light in my room. The iPhone is great for taking pictures of weird light/shadows because of its dynamic range.

Fun light

On Saturday, we visited with Aunt Amy, Zachary’s godmother and my best friend of almost 20 years. We had lunch at her house and then went shopping. We stayed for dinner, and changed Zachary into a new pair of PJ’s for the car ride home. He loves Amy very much and can’t wait to go to her house again!

Visiting Aunt Amy

On Sunday, I had planned to go out and do an activity, but it turned into a lazy day as we all slept late. I cleaned, Zachary took an epic long afternoon nap, and then again – we played with trains. 🙂

Trains Trains

All of these pictures were taken with the iPhone 4 – Hipstamatic and Instagram, and the first one is just a plain old iPhone pic. 😉

And that brings us to today! Hoping I catch a fun moment with my little guy this afternoon, as I’m off to pick up Zachary from school!

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