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Modern Bird Studios Review & Giveaway!!

As a photographer, I’m always on the lookout for awesome products that will enhance my work – either new gear or new things to do with my photos. Well, when I saw Modern Bird for the first time, I was totally intrigued! Artist Gregg Deal is the man behind Modern Bird Studios. With the help of his awesome wife Megan, he creates amazingly artistic pieces from his clients’ personal photographs, basically turning most people’s snapshots into true works of art.

I love Gregg’s style – his paintings are kind of reminiscent of 60’s pop art, but also very modern (obviously!). And the amount of detail in his work cannot even be described in words. All of the pieces are painted on slabs of wood for a very organic, authentic look.

Working with Gregg and Megan to have this piece created was such an easy process – I was a little unsure of my color choices, and Gregg did the job for me by creating proofs that he thought I would like. He was spot on, with his own artistic license, and this amazing black and white rendition was absolutely perfect for this image! Check out the amazing sample piece that Gregg and his wife Megan put together for me from one of my favorite pictures of Zachary:

Seriously, how cool is that?! I’m not even sure if you can tell how detailed this is from my photos, but it is painstakingly intricate. Truly amazing work!! I have studied this piece thoroughly and am seriously blown away by how detailed Gregg’s process is for painting these awesome works of art. I’m so happy to display this fantastic painting!

So have I convinced you yet how amazing Modern Bird is? Do you want one yet?

BUY IT! Visit Modern Bird Studios to buy your own amazing piece of artwork! Use coupon code KARENLISA through December 13th to get 15% off. Also, all holiday orders must be in by December 1st.

WIN IT! Modern Bird is going to be giving one of my awesome readers a $200 gift certificate to use towards your own amazingly awesome piece of artwork! The contest is open to US & Canada, and no previous winners are eligible to enter.

Mandatory entry: Visit Modern Bird Studios and tell me what your favorite colors are! Which colors would you pick for your piece? Would you want a 3 color process? A piece with 5 colors?

Additional entries (leave a SEPARATE comment for each one, so if you follow my Facebook and subscribe via email, you would leave two comments. Please do not put all entries into 1 comment or they will NOT be counted!):

The contest ends on December 6, 2010 at 11:59pm Eastern time.

Disclosure: I received a sample product for review. I was not compensated in any other way. All opinions are my own.

268 thoughts on “Modern Bird Studios Review & Giveaway!!

  1. oh man! my favorite colors are teal red and yellow though im not sure I would want those colors it would depend on what photo I chose. hmmm I sure would love to win

  2. It’s a tough choice. I like the simplicity of the 2 -tone pieces, yet I also like the 5 color – especially the blue & orange of the little boy bending over. hmmmm? I would probably go 2-tone, simplicity is good.

    1. I originally selected 3 colors but Gregg ended up designing it with 5! I’m glad he took full artistic liberties with it- it’s amazing!

  3. I think I’d be tempted to just get a purple and white piece! I love the look of those. Although maybe I’d end up doing black and white, since I’d get a picture of my husband, most likely.

  4. I love the dark blue that looks a little like denim. Not sure if i would want a 3 or a 5 color though. Depends on the picture. I love Modern Bird!!

  5. I love the two and three color pieces. My favorites are orange and blue (not mixed). I would looooove a modern bird pic. for a holiday gift for my husband!

  6. I would go with the 2 color process in black and white or maybe the 3 color with black grey and white. That way it will go with everything since I plan on keeping it forever!

  7. I love browns and greens but I would probably have such a hard time picking a color scheme for a piece. And I would probably get a three color piece.

  8. I love green and red and orange. I would love a 3 color piece, but I don’t know if I would go for green and red and orange in it. From everything I have read about Modern Bird it’s a good idea to follow Gregg’s advice/suggestions. Boom.

  9. I visited Modern Bird Studio and I’m thinking a 3-color 24×48 would be loverly in my living room. My favorite colors are rust, leafy green, and deep lake blue, but I think I’d stick with a contrast-y neutral against black and maybe a steel blue-grey to break it up.

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