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Last wedding until 2011

Tonight I shot my last wedding until 2011 with my friend and wonderful second shooter, Jessica. We really had a blast at this one, which included portraits at a swanky South Beach hotel and then a reception at a restaurant also in South Beach called the Burger & Beer Joint. It serves, as you might imagine, burgers & beer. Our vendor meal at this wedding was an absolutely incredible burger with some kind of bourbon barbecue sauce… the kind of food that you think about for days after you’ve eaten it because it was soooooooooo good. One of the most awesome “vendor meals” ever, I can tell you that! I will be taking Adrian back there for sure.

Anyway, we really had a blast at this wedding. My bride, Kirenia, was way gorgeous, and wore a black and red dress with a black veil. She and her husband Matt have actually been married for 2 years and have a daughter, but they had a private wedding and wanted to do something big, fun, and special for their friends & family now that life has settled down a bit – so they did it their way! And it was so awesome. The party was totally out of control with crazy dancing, drinking, singing, amazing food, and LOTS of fun. People rocked out like I have not seen before at a wedding and Jess & I were looking over at each other all night with a smile on our face! We truly had a great time.

After we were done shooting, it was fun to hang out with Jessica having diet cokes at the bar and then we talked for the entire drive back up to Ft. Lauderdale as she dropped me off at my house. We really need to get together more… Jess if you read this – I see Big Bear Brewing Company in our future!! NEAR future!!!!

For my photos of the day today, I snapped these two images of my gorgeous bride using my iPhone. The first was taken with Hipstamatic, the second with Instagram. The first is from the very beginning of my coverage around 4pm and the last was taken at around 11pm right before we left.

My awesome bride Rocked out the last wedding of the fall season with Kirenia & Matt. What an amaaaazing night!!!!!!

Now, I’m off to download some more memory cards, and then jump into bed! I worked hard tonight and can’t wait to sleep late tomorrow since Zachary is sleeping over at my parents’ house and will be staying there until about lunch time! 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Last wedding until 2011

  1. Beautiful bride. Sounds like a great time was had by everyone. This couple really knows how to make a great memory that is everlasting.

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