Interview with a Photographer Mom: Karyn Carbone

Karyn is an awesome photographer originally from here in South Florida, but now living and working in Abilene, TX! We have become friends recently and met up on her last trip to Florida. She’s a mom of two (soon to be three) and takes the most incredible newborn baby pictures (I so wish I had hired her for Zachary’s pics!). Her child and wedding images are bright and vibrant and remind me a bit of my own work. Oh yeah, and she has the best first name, don’t you think? 🙂 Though I might be a bit biased! lol! Anyway, I’m happy to know her and to share her style with you – hope you enjoy her insights from her interview!

Name: Karyn Carbone
Age: 32
Location: Sweetwater/Abilene Tx & South FL

Blog/Website/Twitter/FB Page:

How long have you been a photographer, and how did you get started? In my 5th year of business… my own pregnancy session with a hobbyist friend inspired me into business.. I took photography classes in college and have always been an artsy kinda gal (painting, mosiacs, pastry cheffing) so I knew I could do it. my people/biz/marketing skills i learned managing a starbucks store have really helped me as well!

What’s your favorite type of session to photograph, and why? I love them all for different reasons, but boudoir sessions have become a recent fav of mine.. I love taking the average woman/soccer mom and turning her into a smokin’ hot little kitten for her husband!! THAT feels great to be able to do for someone!

What are three words that describe your photography? Colorful. Fresh. Fun!

Are you a Canon or Nikon girl, and which lens is typically glued to your camera?
Nikon… shoot with a D3s, love love love my simple little 50mm 1.4 and super wide 14-24 f2.8 (sorry, had to list both!)

How do you find balance being a mom and managing your own photography business?
Honestly, I find it difficult. Thankfully my kiddos are in school 3 days a week which gives me quiet time to work, but it’s still hard. I’ve taken a few great workshops to learn more and get better in camera and have learned to utilize Lightroom to enhance my workflow and cut down on post-processing time. Overall, I’m learning not to be such a perfectionist and remember that my time (esp. family time) is valuable… more valuable than anything else!!

What’s your best advice for photographing your own kids? Don’t set unrealistic expectations on yourself… they are YOUR kids so you have to expect it to be challenging at times. Realize too, there are seasons that are harder than others… my kids are finally getting to the stage where they can have fun for a small window and let me do my thing! 🙂 Go for fun, life-like photos… not nec. posed and perfect… you’ll have much better luck that way. And if all else fails, barter with a photog gal-pal and shoot each other’s kids!!! 🙂

How do you stay inspired? I found that attending some great workshops this year really inspired me. I like learning new things and pushing myself to break my own mold. I try not to look at the work of those who are working in the same proximity as me…. but to find other photogs/artists out there who are doing things differently than I am and think about how I might “see” like they “see.”
I can definitely get in my own ruts of doing things the same way all the time.. so that helps. Also, trying to find new locations for each session…forcing myself to wait a few months before returning to the same one… keeps it fresh!

What’s your guilty pleasure? ahh, I’m 32 weeks pregnant so blue bell chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream is a nightly staple for me, but pregnancy or no pregnancy, watching at least one dvr’d episode of Friends before bed each night is a MUST! 🙂

What’s the best thing about your job? The flexibility in my schedule and how it lets me stay home with my kiddos! Also, just being able to capture someone’s true beauty… helping them to see themselves as beautiful… it’s addicting! 🙂

Show me your most recent favorite image:

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