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Building up & tearing down

Zachary and I have been using his B. Toys bristle blocks like crazy lately – we love love love playing with the Spinaroos and Stackadoos that B. Toys were so kind enough to send us for review a few months back. Well, they have really become one of his favorite toys (dare I say one of my favorite toys too) and we have a great time building cities and castles and spaceships and whatever we can think of… and then Zachary has a blast tearing them down. I’ve been making some pretty intricate designs lately and he’s had a hard time waiting until it’s time to tear into it and destroy my beautiful bristle block architecture. LOL.

In the first image, he’s helping me attach a block to the “town” we created. In the second picture, he’s got his arm swinging out, preparing to destroy. The last shot is what was left of the structure after he finished knocking it down and pulling it apart.

We have a lot of fun together these days. I’m glad he enjoys playing with his Mommy; I know my days as his #1 choice are numbered. Someday in the future he will want someone else to play with (brother or sister? best friend? XBox/PlayStation/Wii???), so I love capturing these memories so I can look back on them one day and smile.

Images captured with my Canon 5D – 35mm f/1.4L lens @ f/1.4, ISO 500. Shutter speed, going clockwise was 1/45, 1/30, 1/90.

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