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Back to the daily photos!

While I missed posting my photo op on Friday (though if you follow my Instagram feed – I’m karenlisa on there – I did post some somewhat uninteresting snapshots), I am back to the daily posts. Once again I have some pictures I took on my phone.

This image was taken on Saturday, November 20th, the day before Zachary’s birthday. I had just picked up blueberries at Publix and they looked so delicious. I rinsed the box out and started eating some right from the box. Zachary became interested so I invited him to come and enjoy the snack. It was fun to enjoy the simple pleasure of eating blueberries right from the container. He has always liked blueberries and just gobbled them down! After a few minutes, Adrian joined us. I wish someone had been standing there to photograph the three of us – standing in the middle of the kitchen, eating blueberries. It was a fun moment, and I’m glad I was able to capture Zachary at least.

Simple Pleasures... Blueberries from the container

Pictures from Sunday, Zachary’s birthday, will go into a separate post.

These next pictures are from today! First off we have Zachary brushing his teeth. I feel pretty lucky to have a kid who loves to brush his teeth. Every time Zachary walks into the bathroom, he starts yelling, “teeth, teeth!” He is so enthusiastic about it! We brush our teeth together in the morning and before he goes to bed. When I was a kid, I remember that I didn’t really like brushing my teeth very much (and it’s still not really one of my favorite daily tasks, it just bores me, lol), so I’m glad that he likes it.

I'm so glad to have a kid who enjoys brushing his teeth. He is so enthusiastic about it too!

Yes… note my yellow tile bathroom! It’s oh so 70’s chic and original to the house. That will be changing soon, I hope! šŸ™‚

Next pic is Zachary making a run for my camera…. he loves loves loves my Canon 5D and tries to grab it every chance he gets. I’m going to show this pic to my primary 2nd shooter Jessica and tell her that I don’t need her to shoot that next wedding with me because I think Zachary has volunteered to shoot it for free… LOL. I was using the camera today to take a good photo of a beautiful piece of photo jewelry that’s showing up on the blog tomorrow in a giveaway – so keep an eye out as it’s truly gorgeous!

Playing with the forbidden fruit ;)

The first shot was taken with Hipstamatic, and the last two are from Instagram. I love those iPhone apps.. good stuff.

We’ve been having a fun time lately, me and Zachary. I know I keep saying it but it’s true. So many adventures, fun moments, smiles and hugs. He is such aĀ mischievousĀ little boy now with a wonderful sense of humor. He is our light!

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2 thoughts on “Back to the daily photos!

  1. My daughter loves brushing her teeth too, or at least sucking the toothpaste off the brush. I need to start doing a daily shot myself but those are some great ones. I like the one of him playing with the 5D but that may be because you’re braver than I to let him touch it.

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