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An afternoon out with my little guy

I wanted to spend some time with Zachary this afternoon since I have a wedding tomorrow down in Miami (shooting with my friend Jessica – can’t wait!). Zachary always sleeps over at my parents’ house when I shoot a wedding, so I wanted to have some time with him to do something fun.

I decided to take him out to IKEA and look at shelving since I’m going to be adding some new shelves above our piano soon for photos, trinkets, etc, and was not sure what I wanted. I found the perfect ones while we were at IKEA, but it was too much to deal with buying it and taking it to the car while I had Zachary, so we’ll have to go back again with Adrian for the man-power. 🙂

Zachary was a little fussy in his stroller when we got to the store, so I told him that if he was good, I would get us a treat when we were done. He was a good boy, so I got one of their $1 cinnamon buns and we shared it. It was his first time eating a cinnamon bun and it was such a joy to experience with him!

I was too busy in the store to take any pictures, but I snapped this shot in the rearview mirror with my iPhone using Hipstamatic while stopped at a light. Zachary loves cuddling with a stuffed animal in the car and I thought he was just so cute.

In the car with my little guy

After a quick stop at the grocery store, we came home, watched a bit of Thomas the train, played with toy cars and blocks, and read in his bed before he fell asleep after a fun day. We have sooo much fun lately!

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