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A beautiful day!

Last week I was supposed to do a photo shoot with a cute little boy- but the day we were scheduled, it was rainy, gloomy, and just blah. I chatted with my client during the day and we decided it would be best to reschedule. We decided that today would be the day due to hopefully better weather, and I was a little anxious to look outside this morning and see what the sky was like. I couldn’t have been more relieved. It was a beautiful day!

Beautiful Day

I took this picture with Hipstamatic right before I headed to preschool with Zachary. I returned home from the photo shoot about an hour ago and am downloading the shots now…and so pleased with what I see! I’m incredibly happy that we waited for a sunny day.

It’s always a great feeling coming home from a great shoot. And it’s fun that I got to shoot a 1 year old today- I normally shoot newborns. I got to give a little advice and talk toddler stuff which was fun, and it was great to see another mommy enjoy happy moments cuddling and kissing her little boy. And the best part, I got to capture those moments! It just reminds me that I need to get a shoot scheduled for this year with Zachary and Adrian. Being able to capture another family’s precious time with their child is very special, since they are only babies for a short period of time. I can’t wait to post this session on my photo blog in the coming weeks. it is a special one!

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