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Month number twenty-three

I’ve been so busy lately, I barely even realized that we hit Zachary’s twenty-third month.

One month from today, my little boy will be two years old. How did that happen? He is SUCH a little boy now, too. Running all over the place, loving Thomas and Toy Story, drawing on things he’s not supposed to, learning new words, and smiling all the time.

He’s looking so grown up (in between his baby faces). He’s such a handsome little boy, and so charming too. Here are a few shots from the pumpkin patch last week.
grown up boy!

pumpkin patch portrait

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5 thoughts on “Month number twenty-three

  1. How many words does Zachary have now? George suddenly got like 10 words between 18 and 19 months so I’m wondering if the late talkers just take off like vocabulary rockets between now and 2. XD

  2. He actually is talking so much now that I have stopped counting his words, but I’d estimate between 50 to 100. He gained a LOT of new words after the 18 month mark and it really increased even more in the past 2 months especially. you’ll be seeing a lot more chatter from George as he approaches two for SURE.

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