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Is your baby fluffy?

I love pretty much everything about cloth diapers. I think it’s so cute when people post pictures of their kids wearing a cloth diaper and talk about their “fluffy” baby. I always think to myself that the cute, colorful diaper would look so adorable on my little guy!

But as much as I want to do it myself, I’m still trying to get into the mindset – I’m still a bit apprehensive. I mean, who really wants to get that close to bodily fluids? Disposables make it too easy to avoid all of that. My husband has made it clear that he does not want to deal with the diaper contents.

I found this youtube video somewhere on twitter and my jaw dropped at the last frame when it showed the disposable diapers after 1 year, unchanged, compared to the gDiapers brand which decomposed after less than two months. Horrible! I try to be green as possible but am nowhere near as eco-conscious as I could be, and this has really changed the way I think about disposable diapers.

The video is obviously created by PR people for gDiapers but still it’s pretty shocking when you consider how much garbage you throw out from the diaper pail. It’s disgusting.

I recently won an awesome AppleCheeks diaper I am dying to try out – I just need to learn how to care for it properly so I can use it. I also want to investigate the gDiapers more for sure – with their flushable inserts, they may be an easier option especially for our family since we aren’t used to all of this stuff. Zachary is almost two now so we don’t have much time until he is potty trained, but maybe I can try save some money and do something good for the planet until then. We’ll see.

3 thoughts on “Is your baby fluffy?

  1. Monmy wants me to have a fluffy but SO badly – but we live in a 3rd floor walkup with shared coin-op laundry machines all the way down in the basement so… not going to work for us. 🙁

  2. Hi! I just discovered your blog and love it! I have been thinking about cloth diapers A LOT recently, but I too have some hesitations. Thanks so much for sharing this video… I’m going to check into these gDiapers to see how they work!

  3. It feels like such a big commitment to go cloth – my husband was ‘not cool’ with poop in the washing machine to say the least, so we ended up going with a diaper service that allows us to use cloth without any washing involved. They use an environmentally friendly (phosphate and surfactant free) washing process, which is something I know you have to watch out for. But I know service isn’t an option everywhere, especially now that you are getting into the end of your time in diapers.

    I haven’t actually used g-diapers but have some friends that do and they’ve told me a few things…

    1. although they are flushable, its not as simple as plop and flush. You apparently need to pull the liner apart and swoosh it around in your toilet first. This can apparently get messy.

    2. as you know mess doesn’t always stay contained to the middle of the diaper, which is where the liner is. My one friend mentioned she used g-diapers at home, but not when she was out, because it didn’t need to be a full blow-out to be full mess.

    Anyways, this is now a very long comment, but I hope its helpful!
    amber 🙂

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