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iPhone App of the Week: Yelp!

yelp iphone appI’m a pretty big fan of the Yelp! iPhone App. I had originally signed up for Yelp! to review a friend’s company and found that I enjoyed posting reviews, but liked reading them and finding new places to check out even more!

They have a nifty “Nearby” tab, which will show you places in your general vicinity – I was able to find a Bubble Tea place about twenty minutes from me. I’m super excited to check them out!

One of my favorite features of the Yelp! app is the Bookmarks section. As simple as it is, it just allows you to add bookmarks for places you want to check out. I find this increasingly useful the more I travel. We visit my in-laws up in Tennessee a few times each year and there are always interesting shops and restaurants where they live. I have a ton of bookmarks for fun restaurants, coffee shops, and antique stores to check out the next time we visit.

I also enjoy clicking on people who have written great reviews to see what other places they’ve reviewed. Usually people who write good reviews tend to visit & review other awesome places. I’ve been able to find some pretty awesome places just by looking at reviews that others have written and then bookmarking them for later.

As far as writing reviews within the app, it’s not the easiest and that is a HUGE downside – you can write a review, but it won’t post until you log in from the app. It’s just a draft. I find this to be pretty annoying since I do type pretty well from my iPhone and would like to at least have the option to post a review.

Here’s a screen shot of the Bookmarks section from my Yelp app on my iPhone:

yelp iphone app

Click here to download it. It’s free, by the way! You do need an account with Yelp! to sign in.

If you also use Yelp! you can click here to view my profile & add me!

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