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Countdown to Deathly Hallows!

I’ve been a big Harry Potter fan for the past few years. While Adrian and I were not really wowed by the last film, I am incredibly excited about Part 1 of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Every. Single. Trailer… happens to be AMAZING. Even the parody trailer is fun & awesome.

The movie will be released 1 month from today, on November 19, 2010! This blog post serves as advance notice to my parents that they will be watching Zachary that night…. hahaha. 😉

Anyway, here are a bunch of movie posters they recently released. It gets me both super excited and very sad to see these posters. The actors look SO much older now, and looking at the posters & trailers almost make you want to cry, as a long time fan, knowing that after this movie is over, there’s only one more left until we have to say goodbye to Harry, Ron, and Hermione for good.

This post was inspired by Our Fiction Addiction, who also posted an HP countdown post a couple days ago! I snagged the movie poster graphics from them, too, but you can find them all over the web in higher resolution if you really want them for yourself!

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5 thoughts on “Countdown to Deathly Hallows!

  1. I did the same thing on my Tumblr Tuesday post!!!!!
    I’ve been a fan since I was about 8 or 9 & it also gets me excited/sad to know that it’s about to come to an end.

    But we know it’ll never end.
    At least not entirely. 😀

    I have a huge blowout planned for the big day. CAN NOT WAIT!

  2. Wow, is it really only a month away? It’s felt like it’s forever in the future for so long, I didn’t realize we will actually get to see it soon. YAY!

  3. Thanks for the shout out!! I can’t believe HP is coming to an end!! I feel like I will have to mourn its passing. At least I’ll always have the books to share with my kids in the future!

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