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Snapshots in my head

I’ve posted a couple times about special moments I’ve had with my Zachary and how I try to take little snapshots in my head of the scene – but the truth is, after a while, it’s hard to remember. I’m sleep deprived, overworked, and occasionally I can barely remember what I did the other day without checking the past days in my iCal or reading the back entries of my blog or my Facebook statuses – LOL! Unfortunately most of the moms I know feel the same way.

Tonight I had a GREAT time playing with Zachary and knew I had to capture it and not just with a snapshot in my head. That’s not good enough. I had to get it for REAL.

Many nights before he goes to bed, we play in my bed while he finishes his sippy cup. We either read, I make up a story, or we just laugh, play, tickle, cuddle, etc. Tonight was full of laughter! My little guy giggled every time I kissed his cheeks and when I said, “I love you, Zachary,” he wrapped his arms around my neck and squeezed so tight, pressing his cheek to mine like he wanted our faces to melt together. It was so sweet and wonderful and that feeling of being loved by my little boy and hearing the sound of his beautiful laughter is something I know I will never forget. I wish I could capture feelings/emotions with some sort of device so I can relive them over and over again – just like I can capture images of memories with a camera.

During one of his gigglefests I pulled out my iPhone and snapped this one. I had to aim in the dark and use the flash on my phone, but I captured the moment! It’s a little blurry and since I was moving quickly, and I had the wrong Hipstamatic lens selected but it’s still perfect to me. It’s my baby, happy as can be. Laughing because I made him happy – because he loves his mama. The best feeling in the world.

Gigglefest- my happy boy!

Later on, we returned to his bedroom where we read books together until he was ready to sleep. Almost every night we read 2 books and then I sit with him and tell him a story (usually a crazy made up story starring our dog Maya and Zachary journeying to a far-off place) after I turn out the lights. Tonight he just wanted to look at his books with the lights on, and when I turned the lights off, he shushed me, just enjoying my presence as I sat at the edge of the bed, until finally, he drifted off.

Reading in his bed

I have the sweetest, happiest, most wonderful boy in the world. I am truly a lucky mommy.

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4 thoughts on “Snapshots in my head

  1. I love this! I have also been feeling the need to capture little moments like this with my kids. I’ve decided start a Things/Moments I Don’t Want to Forget section on my blog so I can look back whenever I want. Of course, I need to actually do it and not just say it.

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