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iPhone App of the Week: Lose It

lose it iphone appI actually discovered Lose It about 2 years ago, and have been using it off and on ever since. I downloaded it originally because I wanted to track calories, and the app was absolutely free! I couldn’t believe how great it was or how much it would help me lose the pregnancy weight.

This app helps you keep track of how many calories you’re consuming, how much weight you want to lose by when, and serves as a food, exercise, and weight log. The best part is that it already has foods & calories built in (or you can add your own), so when you do your food log each day, it’s super easy to keep track. Lose It already knows that the toast I have with my egg in the morning is 100 calories (an even better reason to share some of it with the baby, lol).

The only thing I wish the app did better was keep a better graph of my previously logged weight on the iPhone itself. I can’t find a way to go back in time & see, for example, how much I weighed 3 months ago, though if you log in via the loseit.com website, you are able to see that information. The actual graph is just okay, and I’ve used better graphs, but it works – if you log in.

I originally used Lose It to lose over 20 pounds and dropped below my pre-pregnancy weight by following my calorie limits very strictly within the app. So, I highly recommend it already!

I had lost more weight afterwards on weight watchers, but between a big vacation & a few stressful months this summer, I’ve managed to put a few pounds back on. I am using Lose It again to help me lose the nearly 10lb I have put back on, and plan to lose another 10-15lb after. Wish me luck! As of this week using Lose It again, I’m already about halfway to my first goal!

The most recent development with this app is their website & being able to add friends. You can see via your phone if your friends gained or lost any weight or stayed within their calorie limit that day. It’s cool because it holds you accountable.

Here’s a couple screen shots from my iPhone:

lose it iphone app lose it iphone app

Click here to download it.

Anyone else using Lose It? If so, what do you like best about it ?

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