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Thursday Treats: Clipping coupons and pretty pictures

Haven’t done one of these for a while and my browser has been stuck open with tons of tabs just waiting to be shared….

First off, check out this awesome website, Mila’s Daydreams. This mom makes artistic photos with  her sleeping baby, and then blogs them! Seems like something right up my alley, but my child wouldn’t ever stay still enough for me to do something like that. The images are totally awesome, though! Here are two of my favorites:

"My Precious Pearl"
"Bunny Wabbit"

It is seriously worth it to go view ALL of Adele’s photos of her daughter. They are all amazing, creative, and beautiful. Click!


I’ve decided I want to start couponing. Well, scratch that, I DO coupon already. I just suck at it. My “couponing” consists of finding a coupon I like and then throwing it into the junk drawer, where it stays for three years until I decide to finally clean out the junk drawer. So, I want to start couponing WELL. I want to do it with purpose. I want to research the BOGO’s at Publix like a pro and get myself organized… and yes, that even includes remembering to buy the Sunday paper.

I’ve been looking for a decent coupon tutorial but haven’t found anything until I very randomly stumbled upon this blog, I think it was via Google Friend Connect. In this blog post, Mandy pretty much gives step by step instructions on how to set up your coupon organizer and get ready to save lots of money. I’m super happy and can’t wait to go out and buy my own coupon organizer supplies!

I’ll let you know how my couponing endeavors go. While I haven’t bought the coupon organizer yet, I did manage to save $35 at Target with a bunch of coupons the other day. Definitely an accomplishment! Getting this started is my goal for the month.

Anyone have any good tips of their own to share?

4 thoughts on “Thursday Treats: Clipping coupons and pretty pictures

  1. Wow! That this is a great post. Good way to remember that the more you save the more you have room to spend on other things. I think that coupons lead to creative shopping.

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