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Perfect summer weekend

This is kind of a long weekend recap – Thursday to Monday – but hey, it’s summertime, and we’re off from school. 🙂 Finally got around to writing this late Tuesday night…. better late than never! 🙂


We went to visit my grandma, which Zachary always loves. LOVES. I can’t put into words how much he adores visiting my grandma, his “GG” – and wish I had a video to show you of the way his face lit up as he took off running towards her the moment he saw her when her front door opened. He ran full force towards her, giving her a huge hug!! That’s not a gift he gives to many, so it’s quite obvious to me how much he loves being around his GG.


I liked Friday because I got a rare bit of me-time, and Zachary had a blast at the gym with Adrian. He’s been going to the Kid’s Club with Adrian at the gym and absolutely loves it! At first, he didn’t like it, but after two days, was running around laughing and having a great time with all the other kids. He’s such an adaptable little guy. I dropped my two boys off for some exercise and headed over to the library to pick up some books for myself – including Eat, Pray, Love. I’ve heard so much about it and know from others that it’s a book that makes you very introspective about your own life, so I wonder how I’ll feel after reading it. I have  one or two books to finish up before I start it, but I’m sincerely looking forward to reading it, and then seeing the new movie with Julia Roberts.

My BFF Amy also came over on Friday night. She picked up some yummy Chicken Kitchen for dinner (my new favorite “fast food” place). We spent time playing with Zachary and he had fun showing her all of his favorite books and reading them together.


Ah, Saturday was awesome. A perfect summer day – we attended my friend Carol’s daughter Olivia’s 3rd birthday party at our city’s aquatic center. It’s an AMAZING aquatic center – they have a splashground (playground with water, sprinklers, the works!) and a heated baby pool, plus a lap pool for the grown-ups. Zachary and I spent a couple hours there for the party and had an absolute blast! We loved it so much we are actually going to go back again this week with Adrian. Zachary didn’t want to leave because he was having so much fun!

After the party, Zachary got to spend some quality time with his grandma & grandpa (who bought him some cool new Sperry Topsiders boat shoes at Stride Rite) while Adrian and I drove up to Palm Beach to visit our good friends, Jason and Lu, and their newborn baby, Lana! Their little one was SO adorable…. I got to hold her and rock her for quite a while and it was so nice to hold a cuddly little newborn baby that wasn’t trying to run away or grab my cell phone. LOL. Though I’m sure she’ll learn all in good time! Holding Lana made me excited to have another baby someday, but for now I’m happy to enjoy the rest of my little guy’s babyhood while I can. I took some photos of Lana while I was visiting with their family and here is one of my favorites:


It was a pretty lazy day. I had a craving for bagels so in the morning I ran over to the bagel place and picked up some of my favorite bagels and cream cheese – jalapeño flavor! Turns out Zachary takes after his mom and likes that flavor too. It was fun sharing a bagel with him for breakfast. We relaxed for a bit and then towards the end of the day, I took Zachary up to the mall and walked around for a bit. I got a Starbucks and he drank his milk while I had my Chai.

That night, we gave Zachary a gift — my old iPhone! No, he can’t make calls or anything. It’s on Airplane mode. But we’ve installed some baby games and flash cards, and I’m using it as an educational toy to teach him words, animal sounds, and shapes. He absolutely LOVES his new toy and has been loving playing with the apps I downloaded for him. I’m looking for more free iPhone apps for babies/kids so if you have any suggestions, please let me know. I’ll be writing a blog post soon about my favorites – for iPhone as well as iPad.


Although it was a workday, Monday was a slow summer day and Zachary and I spent lots of time together since preschool doesn’t start for one more week. We played a lot, colored a lot (even colored on the floor for the first time – oops! After I scolded him, Zachary tried to wipe it off with his hand – cute, but a baby wipe did the trick). We also read books together, had snacks, and Zachary and I had some great “conversations.”

I’m so very excited that his vocabulary is expanding. The other day, he tried to say his own name for the first time! Hearing him  try to pronounce “Zachary” was too cute! While looking through one of his Bright Baby 100 First Words books, he said “picture” for the first time.  He is now saying “that?” and pointing when he wants me to explain to him what something is in a book. I think that shows a lot of thought going on in his little head. He’s not even 2 years old yet and already knows so much and can do so many things. He’s also getting pretty good at coloring and loves sitting at his picnic table and coloring with his mama. 🙂

Every day is a whole new adventure with our little Zachary. 🙂

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