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Laurie Berkner & Putumayo Kids Music CD Giveaway!

I recently had the opportunity to review Laurie Berkner’s brand-new album, The Best of the Laurie Berkner Band, and it was every bit as wonderful as I expected.

Laurie is SO talented. She is like the Sheryl Crow of kids’ music, and her band seems so adorable and sweet. Her music is catchy, fun, and totally captures my child’s interests, which says something considering he isn’t even two years old yet. When we sing Laurie’s songs together while the CD is playing, Zachary gives me happy smiles and giggles and even claps his hands! Music has always been a constant in my life so it’s important to me to find great music that my son and I can both appreciate together.

Zachary and I first learned about Laurie when we heard her on Nick Jr. I was captivated by the song Five Days Old and had to find out who the singer was. Since then, we’ve really come to enjoy seeing her music videos on the TV channel, plus her guest appearances on Jack’s Big Music Show (one of our favorite shows), so it’s been really fun to hear this compilation, which is her “Best of” collection.

Laurie has a perfect voice for children’s songs – light, airy, and happy! Her original lyrics are fun and cute, and real. She manages to maintain the unique standpoint of a child’s curiosity in her songs. I think that all of the songs are very good in their own way – after all, they did make the “best of” CD – but there are quite a few amazing standouts. Our favorite songs are Rocketship Run, We are the Dinosaurs, Victor Vito, and Five Days Old. I also particularly love I’m Gonna Catch You, I’m Not Perfect, and Fast and Slow. The new song, Open Your Heart, is really pretty, too, and a great addition to the mix.

There’s not much to change about this awesome CD, but aside from the new song, I think more thought could’ve gone into the bonus tracks. I like Moon Moon Moon, but would have loved an alternate version of Five Days Old instead… and maybe another new song instead of Pig On Her Head, which isn’t one of my favorites.

Overall, if you’re a Laurie Berkner fan, you’re going to LOVE having all your favorites in one place. And if you’re just starting out with Laurie, this is the best CD to get for sure!

BUY IT! If you buy the CD on Amazon, you’ll get a whole bunch of bonus videos and a digital booklet which isn’t included in the actual CD version! Pretty cool! You can also buy Laurie’s CDs on her website, LaurieBerkner.com.

WIN IT! Two Tomatoes Records has been sweet enough to provide a copy of The Best of Laurie Berkner Band CD and a bonus CD – Putumayo Kids Presents Rock n Roll Playground – for one very lucky reader! United States only, please.

MANDATORY ENTRY (worth 1 point): Leave a comment telling me either, a) what your favorite Laurie Berkner song is and why? or b) why you feel it’s important to encourage music in your child’s life.

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Disclosure: I was provided a sample CD from Two Tomatoes to review, however I did not receive any compensation for this review & all opinions are my own.

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121 thoughts on “Laurie Berkner & Putumayo Kids Music CD Giveaway!

  1. I have never heard of Laurie Berkner so I would love to win the CD to find more music for my daughter Lila. Music teaches kids to let ideas and thoughts into their hearts and minds. I still remember songs about having a cheerful heart and sharing from my childhood. I want those same values, as well as a love for music to resonate in Lila’s life.

  2. music fills the heart and soul, music creates connections, music fosters IQ and EQ and music is forever
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  3. Each night, if it’s not a rerun, our little one loves watching the Backyardigans, and there is usually a song by Laurie Berkner and her band played before and/or after the show. Our daughter jumps up and dances (her favorite is the ‘when you’re in my heart, you’re in my family song :)).

  4. Music is important in a child’s life as it is a great art form, promotes higher learning dancing and just sounds great.

  5. Out of all the reasons that music is important in a child’s life- the number one to me is that it is FUN.

  6. I love Five Days Old. It’s a super catchy song plus the video has a little girl with Down syndrome in it and I love that

  7. Is Laurie the one that sings the Family (F-A-M-I-L-Y) song on TV? My kids LOVE that song and we are constantly singing it – in the car, at dinner! 😉 Music is a BIG part of our lives. I play Clarinet and piano, my daugher is learning the guitar and my son is constantly setting up “drums” out of cans and other containers. And my 1 YO is a dancing fiend!

  8. music is a super special part of our son’s life. His favorite thing to do is dance and listen to music. I think it is important to encourage his love of music because it is important to him. It is also really fun! Music expresses what the heart dreams.

  9. I think kids need music because it gives them inspiration and creativity, as well as reminders of wonderful family memories every time they hear those songs again.

    Thanks for the chance to win!


    ejm6x (at) yahoo (dot) com

  10. My favorite is Google Head because my two girls have these cute alien-looking hats from Michaels and everytime that song comes on NickJR they run and grab those hats!

  11. Hey I’m from MBC and saw your giveaway. I like, “I’m sitting here I’m one day old, I’m sitting here I’m two days old” I don’t know the actual name. We sang that all the time when Essie, my youngest, was born. My Anna LOVES music. It makes her face light up and she dances. We love Laurie!

    I have a giveaway going too BTW: I’m giving away a $15 Amazon Gift Card! http://www.annaandessie.com/2010/08/win-it-wednesday-15-amazon-gift.html open to anyone and ends 8/24

  12. She is such a fun singer! Safe and fun music! Thanks so much for the chance to win! Our favorite song is “Victor Vito”…. ~ Take Care

  13. We really love the Dinosaur song, it has really come in handy when trying to get our almost 3 year old son to pick up his legs and walk to the car, etc.

    Heather K.
    mysticbuttrfly37 at yahoo.com

  14. We’ve borrowed one of her DVDs from the library, my two year old thinks I’ve Gonna Catch you is hilarious, because he loves to see people chasing each other.

  15. Our household favorite is Victor Vito. My 2.5 year old sings it and my almost 5 month old smiles when I sing it to calm him down when he’s fussing. Would LOVE to win a copy!!

  16. I’m not sure of the name of the song….it goes “I don’t wanna go slow I go fast” then “I don’t wanna go fast I go slow”. Now I will be singing that all day!

    elkmeese at yahoo dot com

  17. My daughter and I love Under a Shady Tree. It reminds me of our relationship before her brother was born. She was still little and sweet and needed much more than now. My son loves this song now.

  18. I’ve heard great things about Laurie Berkner but have never actually heard her music. I think it’s important to encourage music in my kids’ lives because it encourages a sense of fun, opens them up to a different art form, helps them [if they play music] with math and other skills, and links them into something that all people can understand.

  19. I encourage my children to enjoy music because it’s good for the soul. It’s also a great mood changer or enhancer.

  20. Love this giveaway, my son is a huge Laurie Berkner fan. I love Five Days old… I think this was the first song we ever heard from her.

  21. My daughter’s favorite song is we are the dinosaurs by Laurie. She loves stomping around to the music.

  22. I think it’s important to encourage music because, like prose, it’s one of the avenues we have to freely express ourselves.

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