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What should I read?

I’ve been on a mission to read more this year (it was one of my many new year’s goals), and so far I’m doing pretty well (I think I’m at about 22 books already!), but I seem to have come to a standstill the past couple of weeks after I finished the last Sookie Stackhouse book.

I’ve put my business on summer break for the next month. The fall season is very demanding for a photographer, so I’ve decided that each summer, when it’s much too hot to do anything in South Florida, especially shoot outdoors, I’m going to shut the doors for 1 month so I can be refreshed for my busy season by catching up on some work & things in my personal life, getting some R&R, and spending time with family. It just so happens that my wedding anniversary and birthday fall during July, so it’s a perfect month to take a break! I’m looking to nab a new book or three to read while I’m on my little vacation, but I’m at a total loss of what books I want to immerse myself in.

I love vampire/supernatural books like The Twilight Saga, the Sookie Stackhouse series or House of Night. I enjoy some historical fiction (particularly Civil War era or Jewish-American historical fiction) and some mysteries, but it has to be REALLY good and riveting for me to like it. I will even pick up the occasional romance novel (though not too much anymore).

I know the House of Night series is incredibly cheesy, and I got sucked into it, but normally I don’t like to read stuff that cheesy… just for the record and all. 😉

So… any suggestions? I’d like to pick up some new books in the next week or so! 🙂

… and with that, I am off to the movie theater! We’re seeing Eclipse tonight, finally! Tomorrow is our 6th wedding anniversary, so tonight is date night. 🙂

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3 thoughts on “What should I read?

  1. Mommy’s not a big vampire book fan, so no help there, but she’s an avid reader… A historical pick: Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen is really beautifully written, and Midwives by Chris Bohjalian is another can’t-put-it-down.

  2. The Morganviile Vampires by Rachel Caine is a really good one I heard. I’m hooked on the trilogy by Penny Vincenzi, the first book is called No Angel:)

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