Mixtape Mondays

I love music, and I’ve been listening to a lot of it. I’ve decided to post my list of 10 favorites for each week for “Mixtape Mondays” – 10 songs used to be just enough for a mixtape back in the day. So, check it out, enjoy, and if you like the idea, feel free to post your own! 🙂

Mixtape: 7/5/10

  1. Amy Seeley – Call it Life
  2. A Fine Frenzy – New Heights
  3. John Mayer – The Heart of Life
  4. Hem – Reservoir
  5. Snow Patrol – Set the Fire to the Third Bar
  6. Vanessa Carlton – Come Undone
  7. Songs: Ohia – Coxcomb Red
  8. Kacy Crowley – Bottlecap
  9. Neko Case – Deep Red Bells
  10. Beth Orton – Lean on Me

Bonus track (because I really wanted to include it, but couldn’t find one to delete): Natalie Merchant: Motherland

Where possible, I’ve linked to the albums the songs can be found on, so you can listen and/or purchase them for yourself!

If you decide to do your own, I’d love it if you left me a comment with a link back so I can check out your mixtapes, too!

Anyone interested in doing a weekly linkup/blog hop?

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