Mixtape Mondays: Vinyl Edition – Guest Post by Mikey!

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This week, I bring to you a guest post by my good friend, Mikey Dougherty. Yes I know this is a mom-blog… but Mikey likes babies too (he has a neice of his own), and especially appropriate for this particular post, Mike knows SO much about music – way more than I do, which says a lot. 😉 When I asked him to be a “Guest DJ” for my Mixtape Mondays post today, I knew he would do something extra special! Hope you enjoy what he has to say, and enjoy his mix!

I don’t know if there is anyone other than the great Karen Lisa that can appreciate the idea of a “mixtape” as much as I can. You see…I am stuck in the past! In my apartment it is eternally 1968. At least in some aspects. Despite my iPhone holstered like a sidearm and my terabytes of storage…I have succumbed to the revolution of a format that is not only decades old…but decades removed from “the norm”. I…am a “Vinyl Guy”.

I just got into this ‘scene’ this year. I discovered that record sales are skyrocketing and all new music is coming out on this ageless analogue format. Any new music I purchase on vinyl. New albums almost always come with a free MP3 counterpart to support my love of devices!

I currently have 72 vinyl albums in my record collection. All selections for my mixtape will come from these 12 inch round pieces of nostalgia. As an added challenge for myself….each track number of the mix will correspond to the track number of the LP that it is on. I am a firm believer in a musician creating an “album experience”. The Beatles were damn sure that “Taxman” was destined to be a Track 1. So it was…and so it shall be. Before you ask…YES. I really bought ALL of these records. Each track of my mixtape will provide you with a link to an MP3 version as usual. But I have also included a link to purchase the very same vinyl records I own. Just check the album title. If you are in SoFla you can save money by getting them at Radio Active Records (no shipping). If anyone is considering joining the “Vinyl Revolution” or just want to learn more about getting a record player please feel free to check out my blog post giving tips on how to get started.

And now…the music! I have a George Harrison masterpiece waiting long enough! The man only got 1 song per album (if he was lucky…) So I thought it was nice for John & Paul to let him have this one FIRST on Revolver. Of course I have done the same! Rest in peace, George!

1. Taxman – The Beatles [Revolver UK] (The way you hear Lennon counting down before it starts…liftoff! George was such a great songwriter. All of his Beatles stuff was amazing. Too bad they didn’t let him to more. I thought it was nice to let him start out an album.)

2. Four Winds – Bright Eyes [Cassadaga] (This might be my favorite Conor Oberst song. It was also an EP he put out. It has a great blend of indie & that slightly country “Omaha Sound”. I love it)

3. Everybody Learns From Disaster – Dashboard Confessional [Alter the Ending] (Its a great song about being young and having fun. I’ve acted out most of the lyrics of this song. Damn good one).

4. Baby Britain – Elliott Smith [XO] (A fantastic song about a relationship with an alcoholic. As usual Smith’s lyrics are dead on amazing).

5. Drive Away – Mêlée [Devils & Angels] (This band I happened to see as an opening act years ago. Their unique melodic blend of keyboards, Boston-esque vocals and guitar made this emo-pop outfit one of my favorite surprises of ’07).

6. Clark Gable – The Postal Service [Give Up] (Wow…if there is one band I wish would make another album… Clark Gable proved to be a great single for the band. The first person narrative really brings me into the story. Love it).

7. Northern Downpour – Panic At The Disco [Pretty. Odd] (I knew I had to have a song from this album here. This is my favorite record that I own. Recorded at Abbey Road…this album is Panic’s tribute to the Beatles. This album is brilliant & this ballad is proof).

8. The Real Slim Shady – Eminem [The Marshal Mathers LP] (It may have been his biggest hit. My record collection doesn’t have a ton of hip hop…but I had to include a track from my favorite rap album of all time!)

9. Like A Rolling Stone – Bob Dylan [Greatest Hits – UK ver] (I totally had no idea that I owned the UK version of this LP. I love this song. The link to the US version has this as a different track #. But I didn’t cheat! MINE is the UK one. Evidently its worth something and I had no idea! How about them apples?)

10. Hammers and Strings (A Lullaby) – Jack’s Mannequin [The Glass Passenger] (I love this song. Some Piano with the voice and words of one Andrew McMahon. I love how he talks so directly in the first person. He goes by, “Andy”) *Vinyl link Autographed by artist

BONUS 11. The Resolution – Jack’s Mannequin [The Glass Passenger] (This is one of my favorite Andrew McMahon songs. It is full of so much hope….so much joy…Its about surviving and fixing what is holding you back. Sort of like what I do every day. I left my favorite song of this mix for the very last. I hope you like it.) *Vinyl link Autographed by artist

I hope you’ve all enjoyed this! I am honored to be a guest DJ! I hope I get another chance! I would love to befriend all of you in the following ways:

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