Mixtape Mondays: Birthday Edition

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It’s birthday week… and on Wednesday I turn a lovely 28 years old. 🙂

In honor of my birthday, I thought I’d have a throwback to 10 years ago when I turned 18. Miraculously, I still have a copy of the mix that I used to listen to the week that I graduated from high school in June 2000, so I’ve recreated it here with my favorite 10 songs. Enjoy! And please try not to make fun of my musical taste as an 18 year old. I promise you this makes an awesome driving mix!

  1. Veruca Salt – Volcano Girls (one of my first favorite alternative rock songs, loooove how it opens!)
  2. Goo Goo Dolls – Lazy Eye (one of my first fav GGD songs)
  3. Republica – Ready to Go (fun, fast-paced, makes you tap your foot)
  4. Dover – Sea Witch (I was obsessed with the grunge chorus in this song)
  5. Amanda Ghost – Filthy Mind (I love everything she’s ever produced)
  6. Third Eye Blind – Never Let You Go (I remember learning this on the guitar!)
  7. Dover – Late at Night (love the guitar on this too)
  8. Better than Ezra – Good (the bass in this song is what hooked me in)
  9. Lit – Miserable (I remember my BFF and I laughing at the music video for this song, lol)
  10. Britney Spears – (You Drive Me) Crazy (don’t laugh, but I love all of her singles!)

All these songs can be found on Amazon except for Dover – they’re a Spanish import and are an awesome fringe/grunge band. I highly suggest you look them up elsewhere else (or click the link to visit their official website which is still up (I’m not actually sure if this band is even still together). iTunes carries one of their older albums from ’97 – Devil Came to Me – however the above songs are from their ’99 album, Late at Night.

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