Happy birthday to my mommy!

Yes, my mom’s birthday is the day after mine, and this post is dedicated to her!

Happy birthday to my mommy! I couldn’t have asked for a better mom who is there to help me out, help out with Zachary and Maya when needed, and provide support and advice. I love her very much!

Here’s a picture of me and my mom from my baby shower in 2008:

Thanks to my friend Jessica for taking this pic! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Happy birthday to my mommy!

  1. Thank you for your birthday wishes. Having you, darling Karen for a daughter is the best blessing and gift a person can have!

  2. Hi Karen —

    stopping by and following from MBC’s follower club! It’s so nice to see a Mom and daughter with such a loving relationship!

    Happy birthday to her!

    Dee 😀

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