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Vote for me… and a MYSTERY GIVEAWAY!!!!

Hi everyone! I know I ask you all to please vote with just about every post (not to mention twitter & facebook for those of you who are my friends on there), but if you like my site, and you haven’t voted yet, now would be a great time to start if you want to help me out! One of the biggest mommy/baby blog directories, Top Baby Blogs, just reset their stats the other day, and this means that if you all give me a vote, you won’t have to turn to page 394 to see my site! Yay!

I have met some great — no — amazing ladies through my blog the past few months. And I want to keep meeting more! I’ve started doing fun giveaways and reviews… and I want to be able to bring you even more amazing products. You can help me do that by voting for me on Top Baby Blogs. All it takes is two clicks on this banner here to vote for Bright Autumn Sun, and you can vote for us every day!

Click To Vote For Us @ the Top Baby Blogs Directory! The most popular baby blogs

Now… I’m sure you’re all wondering what this “mystery giveaway” thing is. Well, it’s a mystery. Some of you are going to read right past it, and others are going to read it and a bell will go off in your heads. LIKE MAGIC. Wonderful, wonderful magic.

Once you’ve figured it out, you need to send me an email. I want to know who, what, when, where, and why. The first person who can answer each question and gets all of the answers right will receive something special from me. I am closing comments for this entry so no one accidentally gives something away.


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