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Sunday Funday

It’s been a really good week. I have so much going on lately, I don’t even know where to start!

Zachary is doing so well. He turned 19 months last week – we are truly on the road to 2 now! He said a new word the week before: “duck” – in response to one of his favorite books, Five Little Ducks. He just LOVES his books these days! I’m going to make a list soon of all of his favorite books, because the list has really grown. Just a few short months ago, I thought my baby would never want to sit down for a story, but now he’s the one who asks me to read to him rather than me wishing he’d just stay still for more than two seconds so that I could read more than three words of a book!

He is LOVING summer camp! When I picked him up on Friday, he had a huge smile on his face and didn’t even want to go home, he kept right on playing. I was thrilled! 🙂 He is such an independent, fun little person to be around and I have such a great time doing things with him. We’ve been going out a lot together after camp and days that he’s not in camp, and he enjoys having playdates, playing in the yard, going over to the pool, walking around the neighborhood (if it’s not raining), and going to Barnes & Noble to meet friends and look at books.

Adrian’s been getting back into his photography again lately (which I’m happy about – he is an absolutely amazing artist), and he did two shoots this past week. One with me and Zachary (mostly of Z though) and one of just me, since I’ve really been needing some new headshots lately (my last ones are a good four years old). I’m so thrilled with the images and will be sharing some of them on here this week!!

Summertime has been so much fun. I have always liked summer (as a kid, you couldn’t beat great vacations and being off of school plus my birthday is in July), but as I got older and no longer had to attend school, autumn became my favorite time of year (can you tell by the title of my blog?)… but especially now that I have a little boy, I’ve been just loving the summer. It’s a magical time for a child, even one as young as mine, and there are so many great new experiences for us to share together.

My 28th birthday is in two and a half weeks… and I have some really fun giveaways, reviews, guest bloggers, and general FUN things planned for all of you during the month of July. Make sure you follow my blog if you aren’t already so you can stay tuned. 🙂 And don’t forget to check out the EcoMom giveaway that I posted the other day if you want to win some free organic food for your baby/toddler!

Here’s a little bit of fun to round out your Sunday. The raspberries were on sale at the grocery store the other day so I got two boxes. I was reminded of the movie Amelie (one of our favorites) and Adrian took this with his iPhone. 🙂

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