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Shots at the Fort Patrick Henry Dam

I’m slowly making progress on my photos from Tennessee in between my editing for my clients’ work.

Here are a few more shots from our trip in early May. These photos were taken at the Fort Patrick Henry Dam.

Tennessee Flowers
I loved the golden light on these flowers as the sun was setting.
Bench in Kingsport, TN
just a black and white of this lonely-looking bench at the Fort Patrick Henry Dam.
Tennessee Flare
got some flare on this flower. the sunlight was so pretty!
Interesting Flowers in TN
there is something about this image that I REALLY love. maybe it's the tiny flowers, or the way the leaves cross over each other to make a little zigzag. It's actually one of my favorite shots from our trip.
Fort Patrick Henry Dam
some more benches. and water.
Fort Patrick Henry Dam
I really love how this photo of the dam came out. the colors are so pretty. A beautiful day.

Hope you enjoyed these! I’ll save the rest of my Tennessee photos for another day, I still have more to edit! 🙂

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