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My 18 month old boy.

I can’t believe I have an 18 month old already! It seems like just yesterday I was frantically finishing up the “Happy Birthday Zachary” banner for his first birthday party, and the past week or two I’ve been agonizing over what to do for his 2nd birthday celebration! Zachary has grown so much in the past six months, it’s just unbelievable. He has transformed from a little baby to a growing toddler right before my eyes! He is curious, happy, loving, excited, creative, and everything else you’d expect an almost 2 year old little boy to be. He’s great! ๐Ÿ™‚

18 months old

Here’s a run down of some of the things that Zachary does at 1.5 years old.

  • He is walking… no… RUNNING all over the place! He is also a great climber. He moves really fast.
  • Zachary loves loves loves to draw. He sits at his picnic table in his play room and colors on his coloring book or on a blank sheet of paper. He loves looking at the different color crayons and scribbling lines. I can’t wait until he draws me his first real picture!
  • As always, he and our dog Maya are BFFs. Their bond will never be broken. Maya is the best dog on the planet. She is SO tolerant of everything Zachary throws her way (especially tennis balls… her fav) and she loves him with all her heart. It makes me smile so much every time Zachary bends down just to give her a hug or whenever he runs to look under our bed because he wants to find her. He also purposely will feed her food that he doesn’t want because he knows she likes it, and he giggles all the while! ๐Ÿ™‚
  • He says about 10 words which is right on track for a little boy his age. He has no problem communicating with us, and he understands just about everything we say. He is very independent and if he wants something (a book, a toy, food, or to leave), he will make sure that you know about it!
  • He loves his books! I am so happy about this! There was a time when he was younger when I thought that he would never understand books, would never “get” them and would never love them. I was so sad because he just wanted to chew on them but would never let me read him a story. Well well… all of that has changed 100%! Not only does Zachary LOVE his books but he has favorites which he asks me to read again and again and again and also jumps into our laps and asks us to cuddle him and read. Reading to Zachary is probably one of my very favorite things to do with him and I make a point to spend a good chunk of time each day looking at his books and reading him his favorites as well as picking out a new book for him to look at from his giant collection (thanks to his mom who loves baby books… hehe).
  • He loves getting ready for bed – putting on PJ’s, brushing his teeth and hair, and his newest source of amusement, turning off all of the lights in the house. He loves to flip the light switch and pull the chain on the fan in his room to turn off his light. After he finishes brushing his teeth he always reaches up because he knows that pulling the chain on the fan is next!
  • He is learning his body parts and he knows where many of them are already. We have a routine in the morning when he wakes up. I always ask him where is his nose, teeth, head, and bellybutton. By far the cutest is when he chomps his teeth at me and then when he pulls up his shirt to look for his bellybutton! Even when it’s way early in the morning and I’m tired from working too late, this little routine (which he’s come to look forward to) has made me pretty happy to be getting up with my little guy every morning!
  • More than anything he enjoys being outside. He gets upset when I tell him that we can’t go out to play because it’s raining. He loves going outside to run around the yard with Maya while I water the plants. He likes to help water the plants, too. He enjoys getting dirty. He loves to explore. He enjoys going to the park and going on the swings and the slide and finding rocks and sticks to play with. He is such a little boy!
  • He is very intrigued by music and enjoys listening to all types of music so far. if he hears something he likes, he’ll start to dance and even will sing! It is the cutest thing to hear him sing along to a song or make up a song.ย  He loves when I sing along with him. This is what our duets usually sound like: Zachary: “ba-ba-ba” Mommy: “baaaa-da-ba” Zachary: “ba-ba-ba” Mommy: “baaaa-da-bada” Zachary: “ba-ba-ba” – you get the idea! He has the cutest little voice!
  • He has the most amazing smile and laugh. Everyone always says what a great smile he has, but you have to really hear him in the middle of a good laugh. There has to be no greater sound in the world than the sound of your baby laughing!
  • He is loving, sweet, and cuddly. He freely gives hugs to the ones he loves the most. He is very cuddly with his mommy and daddy. If I’m upset, he gets a concerned look on his face and leans close to me to give me a hug. He never fails to make me feel better if I’m having a bad day.ย  He loves getting kisses and will put his forehead or cheek out to me so I can give him a kiss as often as I like! ๐Ÿ™‚

He is wonderful, such a GOOD little boy. SO cute, and so much fun to be around! I have so much fun with him and treasure every second that I get to spend with my little guy. He’s my little friend, and we have a lot of fun together! I look at him now and see a little person. Even when he sleeps, he’s a little boy – he isn’t a little baby anymore, and that makes me a little sad. But he’s also right on the precipice of something awesome. He’s gaining so much independence and he’s going to be doing the most amazing things soon. Before I know it he’ll be playing with other kids at pre-school and telling me all about his day! Things change soooo quickly when kids are this young. I can’t wait to find out what fun and amazing things life has in store for my Zachary!


** Photos are from our recent trip this past month to Tennessee. More pictures coming soon! ๐Ÿ™‚

7 thoughts on “My 18 month old boy.

  1. what a wonderful post, k! you truly have such a beautiful special son. thanks for the update and the new pics; it is always great to know how my favorite “nephew” is doing.

  2. Karen, he is SERIOUSLY the cutest kid I’ve pretty much ever seen. You are a great mama and Adrian is obviously a great dad. Zachary is so special and he is lucky to have such a great set of photographers for parents, too! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. He is so precious! It is kinda hard to watch them grow into little men isn’t it? Tyler is a Mama’s boy so I know the day he decides he’s “too big” to snuggle me is gonna break my heart!

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