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A budding artist

About a week or two ago, Adrian and I decided to take Zachary out to a restaurant one weekend afternoon. We haven’t had the best luck taking our little guy to restaurants. He isn’t a big fan of sitting still, and occasionally he can be vocal. He isn’t too loud (I’ve heard much more horrible things come out of other children’s mouths), but I don’t like to bother people who are spending money to eat out… so we are very wary when taking our little guy out because we want to enjoy ourselves and make sure he has a good time too.

This time we had a waitress who came prepared with some crayons and a little coloring book. And this is what Zachary did for the ENTIRE hour we spent at the restaurant.

Drawing at the restaurant
(sorry for the crappy iPhone picture)

He paused for a few moments while sucking down some cinnamon-applesauce in the form of Buddy Fruits (we LOVE this stuff… so happy our Publix started selling it!!) and continued drawing with the 4 crayons that were provided to us. And I must say, I wish I knew what brand the crayons were, it seemed they were made of steel. He smashed those things down on the table so hard I could have sworn they would crack… but they stayed intact! Amazing!

So, if you have a little guy like mine who is very active and doesn’t enjoy sitting still in restaurants, try bringing some heavy-duty crayons and a coloring book from the dollar store and let him go to town! I definitely plan to pick up some coloring books and more crayons…. this could be the key to freedom. 😉

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  1. I love how you pardon the iphone picture..even an iphone pic looks professional from you ;o)

    Note to self. Crayons and coloring book.

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