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teething isn’t very fun

A few days ago Zachary had a top molar coming in and was not feeling very well because of it. I gave him extra snuggles, kisses, and pretty much extra of everything he wanted to make sure he felt better — including extra episodes of his favorite show, Caillou, and sippies of milk (his favorite drink).

He was ready to settle down for a nap with his blankie, an episode of Caillou, and a sippy cup of milk when I snapped these precious photos:

Milk, tv, & his blankie

Milk, tv, & his blankie

his super huge play pen is one of his favorite spots, and it was one of the best gifts Zachary has received from my parents! His other pack n play was so small in comparison (it was just a mini, meant to go in our bedroom when he was a newborn), and since this one is huge, he has plenty of room to walk around, read his books, play with his toys, and take naps (which is what he usually does in it… in fact he’s napping as I type this)!

You can check out this awesome play pen/play yard on Amazon. The color I have is “Bugs Quiilt” – the 2nd option. While it isn’t a traditional pack n play that a new mom would get (no bassinet, changing table, etc), it would make a great gift for a child who is a little older, learning to walk, or a grandma who needs a large and safe spot for the baby to hang out. In fact, it’s worked out so well that my parents even went and bought a second one for their house so that Zachary would be more comfortable. He really loves it!

3 thoughts on “teething isn’t very fun

  1. These ‘blankie’ pics are so cute! I remember Lissa had a blankie for years and years until it basically fell apart. lol.

  2. You know my pack n play is sitting in a closet. Aiden did not like it at all for sleeping. I may end up getting one like yours when he is a little older though

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