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teething hurts

who knew teething would be so hard?? for the past four teeth I have bragged about what a good sport little Zachary was with teething but his 5th tooth is getting the best of him. today was a horrible day in the world of teething, filled with lots of crying from my little guy and some from me too. seeing him grab at his gums and cry out in pain is absolutely horrible especially when he’s already had his tylenol and motrin and neither one of them are doing their job very well, and there’s nothing else that mommy can do but hold her crying boy and kiss his little head. hopefully tomorrow the tooth will make an appearance, and we’ll have a few more days of calm until teeth number 6, 7, and 8 decide to show up.

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  1. Yeah, Jude got like 4 at once the last time and though he wasn’t grabbing at his mouth he was just constantly whining. I kept telling Joe I missed our happy little boy. He was so irritable and sometimes toys and playing wouldn’t even make him happy. You’ll be glad when this is over, I am sure.

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