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family visit & Thanksgiving 2009

I have been a bad blogger! Sorry for not blogging, it’s been such a busy month, mainly because Zachary is WALKING ALL OVER! I have been spending all of my free time off the computer, chasing my little guy around the house. Just in the past week he has learned how to stand up without holding on to anything, so now he has become even MORE mobile! It’s amazing!

So…. this year was Zachary’s first “real” Thanksgiving since last year he pretty much just chilled out in his crib, seeing as he was only a couple of days old! We had Adrian’s mom, dad, and sister Lissa come visit for the holiday (sadly my brother-in-law had to stay home and work all weekend!!). It was fun having them come to celebrate Zachary’s birthday with us. Thanksgiving dinner was delicious, thanks to my mom & dad’s amazing cooking (as always) and Zachary enjoyed the meal (and conked out after the turkey, which was adorable). It was a great family dinner and nice to have Adrian’s parents and sister there to celebrate our little boy, who we are especially thankful for each and every day!

We spent lots of time with Adrian’s mom, dad and sister, and on one of the days they were here, we went to have lunch at Jaxson’s Ice Cream Parlor in Dania Beach Florida. It is an AWESOME vintage styled restaurant with license plates all over the walls. so much fun!!! I can’t believe I’d never gone here before since I’ve lived in South FL all my life. I’m glad at least Zachary has had the chance to enjoy some of their food at a young age. 🙂 The portions were yummy and filling so we didn’t even stay for ice cream, but we had a great time.

Here are some photos, first from Jaxson’s:



Z at Jaxson's

Z & Daddy at Jaxson's

What a fun place! I didn’t get to take any pics inside the restaurant (I should have) but I’m sure we’ll definitely be back some day so I will do it next time. 🙂

Now, here are some photos from Thanksgiving:

Me, Z, and the turkey

Me with Z

Thanksgiving table

Z with his 2 grandmas

Zachary looks so happy to be with his 2 grandmas! 🙂

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

More posts coming soon 🙂

2 thoughts on “family visit & Thanksgiving 2009

  1. it looks like a nice t hanksgiving. 🙂

    it’s funny to see your mom and your MIL in sandals. it was freezing here on thanksgiving! LOL

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