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happy 1st birthday to my baby.

It’s November 21st and today was my baby boy’s birthday! Zachary had a very full day full of lots of fun – changing his carseat to face forward (he LOVED it!) going to the park (he adored the swings), the bookstore, and playing with Mommy, Daddy, and Maya… and finally heading off to bed. He didn’t want to go to sleep tonight. He’s teething – and he just wanted his mama to sit with him, so I did. I told him how I had such a nice day playing with him and that tomorrow we were going to have another fun day, since his Aunt Amy was going to come over to play with him, so he needed to lay down and go to sleep, so he’d be all rested up.

And my cute little boy did just that. He curled up on his tummy with his favorite dachshund stuffed animal (“Doxie”) and stuck his little tush in the air and looked over at me and reached for my hand. Holding my hand, I could see him smile in the light of his night light. I felt happy, but a little sad, too, because my baby boy would never be this little again. Every day he grows and matures SO much.

Soon the clock will turn over to the next day. One year ago, it was at about this time that I was finally settled into my hospital room after waking up after my c-section, and I finally got to hold my baby boy for the very first time, what an awesome experience. And what an awesome year it has been!

Pictures from our day coming soon. 🙂

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