Zachary & Daddy go swimming

Since Zachary is now six months old, we decided to see if he would like swimming. A few weekends ago we went over to my parents’ house to use their pool. Here are some photos:

In the pool

In the pool

Overall, Zachary thought that being in the water was fun, even if it was a bit chilly. My parents’ pool has a covering on it, and the sun was going the other way, so it didn’t really heat up much before we came over. We only spent a few minutes in the pool, just enough time to snap some photos. In addition to the floating turtle toy, I also got a blow up pool for our own backyard so that we could take him in the water any time we wanted, since our house doesn’t have a pool. Our backyard gets a lot of sunlight so we knew it would get nice and warm, especially this summer! More on that in another post!

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