Happy Six Months, Zachary!

Dear Zachary,

It’s so hard to believe that you weren’t here six months and one day ago. You were still inside my tummy, waiting patiently to come out! And six months ago today, your Daddy and I were at the hospital and enjoying our very first day with our new little baby boy. Who was this little tiny person who cried and ate and wet his diapers every hour or two? We were just getting to know you, and you were getting to know us.

Now, at six months, your little personality is shining strong! You are stubborn like your mommy AND your daddy, but you’re a very laid back little baby, too. You are absolutely in love with our dog Maya and once you are old enough to play together, I know that nothing will separate the two of you. Maya seems to have found her calling as being owned by a little boy since the day you arrived! 🙂

You have lots of favorite toys, and lots of favorite foods! You are curious, smart, and sweet. You are the happiest and most engaging baby I’ve ever seen! You love to ride in the shopping cart at the supermarket and meet all the new people that we come across (and you especially love to charm all the elderly couples at Publix, who are just totally drawn to your gorgeous smile).

We love you so much and can’t imagine our life without our precious baby bunny boy!


Here are some of Zachary’s six month photos that I took last night right before bed since the little guy didn’t want to go to sleep!

Little Elf

Happy Bunny!

My bunny boy!

Thoughtful baby boy

6 thoughts on “Happy Six Months, Zachary!

  1. Happy Half Birthday, Zachary! Isn’t it amazing once they develop all those personality traits? You must know a knitter/crocheter because all those hats are adorable!

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