Recent Milestones

First and foremost, Zachary FINALLY rolled over!!!!!

This morning, I went into his room at 5:45 to check on him. I went back to the kitchen to make his bottle, and when I returned, he was laying on his belly!!!! I was so excited that I woke up Adrian to show him! I have been waiting for him to hit this milestone and I’m so happy it finally happened!

He’s also been doing a bunch of other great little things… He’s holding his bottle when he drinks – not all the time – just intermittently, but he gets as good hold on it. He has been giving great, great belly laughs for weeks now, and he is super engaged in his toys and has learned to chew on them pretty good.

Also, and I am really proud of this one…. he LOVES our dog, Maya, and has learned how to pet her! He will pat her on the snout and stroke her fur. He laughs when she licks his feet, and smiles whenever he sees her. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Recent Milestones

  1. Congrats! I love reading about baby milestones! Another blog friend I have takes a picture of her baby in the same little red chair every month on the same day to show his physical growth, then documents what he has done in the month that has shown his growth from last month. I’m always looking forward to Red Chair picture posts! Before you know it, your little guy will be pushing himself up on his arms and then crawling! So exciting!!

  2. Congratulations to baby Zachary! You want milestones, you are about to get a shower, because once they have figured out the rolling over, they want to do everything else. You will be amazed how quickly he gets motivated to do the other things.

    I’m glad to hear that he loves Maya. Jude is not so good at the petting fur, but it just makes me so happy to see his relationship with Liam.

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